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Tomb King Finecast model releases review

Games Workshop have just announced some Warhammer reinforcements; Prince Apophas, the Necrotect, a Liche Priest, Ushbati with giant bows and some with great weapons, a King with Great Weapon and the old Casket of Souls in resin.

Now, I'm not that familiar with Tomb Kings, I don't have the 8th edition army book yet and amazingly, have never played against them ! (or Daemons of Chaos !!) so I hope I'm going to get all the detail correct here.

Some of the models are recasts in resin of existing metal models but others I don't recognize and they're not in the old 7th edition TK book so I'm guessing that these are the new guys...

Prince Apophas (great fluff btw), the Necrotect, the Ushbati with Giant Bows (I like that concept) and maybe the Liche Priest (at least I can't find a pic of him in the old book or on Google images).

Check the GW link below for all the Tomb King pics (including the resin recasts of the older metal models such as the Casket of souls and Tomb King with great weapon - both really brilliant models). Below, I'll just post my opinion of the new Finecast Tomb KIng models.

Prince Apophas

He sounds like a real bad'un in life and he's certainly been paying the price in undeath. He looks quite tricky to kill and like he's probably one of those annoying surprises you can get during a battle. The model looks quite cool although it could be a bit tricky to paint to make the scarabs look convincing. If you're prepared to just paint the scarabs black with a bit of lighter dry brushing then I guess this model is a pretty easy paint job.

The Liche Priest

I'm not sure whether I like this model or not. Initially, I definitely didn't like the miniature because it looked too bandy-legged and decrepit looking; I thought a Liche Priest should look far more commanding. Funnily enough though, after having a good old stare and re-reading this post I'm re-writing this bit because I'm starting to warm to the guy. I certainly think the weapon is too big for him but the head, and ring finger are excellent and the somewhat bent inwards "I'm having a problem with my bowels" posture certainly gives him a bit of character. I suppose blowing all the death into an undead army is bound to take it out of you !

Ushabti Great Bows

I love them ! Rubbish Ballistic Skill (2) but very nice models that should paint up a treat. The bows look deserving of "Giant" rather than just "Great". Mobile bolt throwers with close combat strength, sweet !

The Necrotect

I like the fluff and the bold move with the whip (they usually seem to avoid such long "bendy" and easily breakable bits - very wisely)  Maybe the use of resin has allowed the Citadel green-stuff wizards to be a bit more adventurous with this guy. The long dagger is great, it's like he's holding onto it rather firmly just in case the whip doesn't do the trick :)  I'm not as keen on the stance; it's in between aggressively whipping and being commandingly upright and rock solid like a Doctore (Gladiator trainer - I got that name from Spartacus - wow, what a series !). The face is not quite right, it's ok but he just doesn't quite look angry or hateful enough, given the accompanying fluff. Also, he looks slightly dim-witted (in a Zombie way).

Not a bad round up, I like the Tomb Kings minis overall. The Sepulchral Stalkers and Tomb King guard are the pick of the bunch for me. Tomb Kings were already supported by some brilliant models, like I said before the Tomb King with Great Weapon and the Casket of Souls are awesome models - they're iconic really. The Scorpions and chariots are also great so, if you like building sand castles, you're a bit spoiled for choice !

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