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Vampire Wraith Models from Mantic Games

These superbly modeled miniatures could definitely be used as Vampire Counts Cairn Wraiths.

It's been great to see Mantic Games produce some excellent sculpts that can be used with their free Kings of War game or indeed in our beloved Warhammer Fantasy Battle (the minis are the same 28mm scale).

I really like these wraiths, their cloaks have been clevery arranged so that they look like they're floating above the ground, they have a nice assortment of weapons and poses and wait for it....

You can buy 10 of them for £13.99 GBP !

They are plastic-resin models which Mantic says are cheaper for them to produce than metal. Mantic used to sell 5 of these for £13.99 when they were metal, now they have moved to plastic-resin they are going to be selling 10 of them for the same price !

Here's the lowdown from Mantic Games...

"Plastic-resin is a superior material to metal, in that it holds detail like resin, but with all the benefits of plastic. That's not the best bit, however - oh no. We've managed to double the number of figures into the box at the same price as the previous metal set. As we all know, the price of metal is getting expensive, and so by switching the popular Wraiths to this more affordable material, we've passed on the cost savings to you guys! How's that for value for money?"

The new resin-plastic Undead Wraiths are now available to pre-order alongside the new Vampire Lord and Soul Reavers, and also feature in our Undead Elites Army Set - check back later for more details on that!

The only bad news... you will have to wait until 27th June 2011 before you can get your hands on them, although you can pre-order them here:-

Images are © Mantic Games. All rights reserved. Used without permission.
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