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New Chaos Daemon Finecast, Banners and Boxed set

New Games Workshop finecast standards / banners, characters and a 40k "Battle force" (Booo...) or rather a Fantasy Battle Battalion (Hurray !) boxed set.

Chaos Demon disc herald photo
Some new releases from Games Workshop; mainly new finecasts of previous plastic models and a decent boxed set bargain. You can find them all under the GW 40k Release page:-

There's not a lot to say about these really but I'll give it a ashot :) ...

The Lord of Change looks as cool as ever as does the Changeling, I think the Herald of Tzeentch on a Disc might be a new miniature because I don't recognize him/her ("it" ?!) and the new Finecast banners/standards look very cool. I do have a bit of a criticism about the banners, they need to show them with a miniature so you can see the relative size (otherwise you have to look at the other unit pics on the website to see how big they are). I suspect Daemon players will already know how large the stds are but I don't play as or against Daemons - they're not allowed on my battle board :)

BTW, for anyone new to Games Workshop and Warhammer it's worth pointing out that if you think you're going to play Fantasy Battle and 40K (booo...) you might as well collect Daemons because you can use the same models in both games (with a few exceptions).

Ed. : I think this is worth noting from someone who's been shopping this very day at GW, The Herald is new and the Blood Thirster is great !

A comment from one of the Warhammer Battle Reporter Facebook members :-

Rob H: "Yeah, they never made a herald on disk for demons, they had an champion on disk for WoC, but this is definalty new. Even the bottom part of the disk is perry cool looking. Also Finecast Bloodthirster is the best ever, approx same price as the metal BUT no pinning, doesnt way a ton, and doesnt break."  (thanks to Rob)

All of the below are Finecast, check out the GW link above for a lot more pics and details.

Khorne Standard Photos
GW Khorne Demon Standards
Tzeentch Banners
Lord of Chage Daemon
Chaos Changeling Character Miniature
Tzeentch Disc Herald miniature

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