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New Vampire Counts models & scenery

Games Workshop are really pushing Warhammer Fantasy Battle these days with loads of new releases.

Vampre Counts Tomb Banshee model
We've recently had Citadel Finecast, the superb Storm of Magic (plus some excellent terrain and scenery), loads of new spellcaster minis and now we get a load of new Vampire models ! Sweet :)

The new Vampires (like most of GWs recent miniatures) are excellent. I think the Zombie Dragon / Ghoul King's Terrorgeist * might be their best "dragon" to date (and one of the best monsters) and is a "must have" if you have a VC army.

* the Terrorgeist rules are in the August 2011 edition of White Dwarf. It is more resilient than the Zombie dragon but less of an attacker with +1 toughness and +1 wound but -1 strength and -1 attack. The special rules differ somewhat aswell. Check out GWs advance order page (or the Vampire Counts army page when this post becomes old news).

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Vampire Zombie Dragon miniature
Ghoul King on Terrorgeist

The garden of Morr is also superb, it has 42 components and is modular so you can use the bits as separate scenery features. I think it's reasonable value for money too.
Vampire Counts terrain model
GW Vampire Counts scenery

There is a new Tomb Banshee and Cairn Wraith, both of which are very nice looking models. On top of that, GW have recast Vlad von Carstein and Konrad von Carstein as Finecast miniatures. Both models were excellent before and haven't aged at all so they still look really cool and are now very iconic Vampire miniatures.

Cair Wraith miniature model

Tomb Banshee miniature model

There are also some other miniatures recast as Finecast models that are being released at the same time (Dark Elves and a Wood Elf) but that's for another post.

Another great job by GW, their design studio has been really impressive recently.

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