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Official GW Ogre Kingdoms Release

Games Workshop are churning out Warhammer Battle (and 40k) army books and miniatures like a bat out of Sylvania these days and Finecast is the "order of the day" Mawhahaha ! Release date is 3rd September 2011

Warhammer Ogre PDF Army book
The Ogre Army has been well and truly recast as Finecast in this release. Gorgers, Yhetees, all of the Maneaters, Sabretusks, The Hunter, the Tyrant, Skrag the Slaughterer (my personal favourite) and good old Greasus Goldtooth plus of course the new characters; Bragg the Gutsman, Firebelly and Golgfag (a new mini but very, very old character) even some gnoblar trappers got the treatment !

This is going to be a Fantasy Battle modellers & painters paradise :)

There are loads of pics in the Games Workshop Advance Orders page plus all of the usual unit fluff, boxed set details and prices. There's also a 96 page hardback army book which, amazingly, I almost forgot to mention !

From GW website:-

"They first arrived from the east, stomping across the world, heedless of borders, barging through even hostile territory as if they already owned it. Although they have established kingdoms in the Mountains of Mourn, they wander where they please, extorting what they want and taking by force all that isn't freely given. They war constantly, not out of malice, but for profit and sustenance - for such are the rights of the powerful and strong. They are the Ogres, and to stand before their collected might is to confront a landslide."

From what I've seen so far this army looks amazing in terms of models and presentation. I have faith in the rulebook too because the design team have made come in for very little criticism over the last few releases.

GW Ogre Kingdom monster rules

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