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Kingdoms of Ind a new Fantasy Army PDF

A new Warhammer Battle army book is unveiled. The Kingdoms of Ind from the mysterious East, the land of a thousand gods.A free downloadable Army Book PDF (beta).

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army PDF
Kingdoms of Ind is a fan-made Warhammer Battle Army pdf for viewing online or download. The book is still a Work in Progress and in beta stage - most of the rules are there but the fluff is still being written.

This is yet another awesome looking Warhammer Fantasy Army from Mathias (member M4cR1II3n on the Battle Reporter forum).

this army book is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop - although it probably should be :)

From the various greater Deities (such as the Brahman or Shivite) that wield new powers of creation, protection, fortune and destruction to the versatile Gurus, Beastmasters (with panthers - to allow you to make use of those old 1990's Wood Elf big cats), a caste system, "Tiger-headed-men" (the honour seeking Rakshasa), the daemonic, fearsome, unbreakable 4-armed Kalites (not women to be messed with !) the poisonous Naga, Basilisks, 2 types of War Elephant and thirteen different Lords, Heroes and special characters including, no less, Mhogli !(remember the Jungle Book?)

All in all there are 16 core, special and rare units, 13 characters and almost 40 magic items and, I suspect, a new magic lore in the final army book.

Mathias has put together another superb army, check out the rules and look forward to the fluff - as soon as it's been written I'll let you know.

Here are some pics to whet your appetite...

Warhammer Army Book picture

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Book picture

Warhammer Army PDFs

Warhammer Army Book image

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army Book images

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