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The best Warhammer Battle unit in close combat

Did you ever wonder which Fantasy Battle Army had the most effective combat unit ? Are you looking for a killer unit for a tournament or "unfriendly" game ?

The competition ended on 26-Oct-2011 - Best 500pt WFB unit results here.

Well, if you like cheesy units we have a small Warhammer dairy for you here :) Our forum and Facebook members have come up with 20 of the hardest fighting units in the Warhammer World and we are going to debate it out to the death to see which comes out on top !

The competition was to put together a 500pt combat focused unit including at least 5 models and 1 or more customized Lords and/or Heroes (no special characters but any legal kit, including magic items allowed).

Join the best Warhammer Unit debate and vote in the Battle Reporter forum

(roll over units to see summary character and unit details)
Dwarf Miners Unit photo
Wight King and Grave Guard photo
Black Orc unit photo
Vampire Hero Konrad model photo
Exalted Champion of Chaos model
Dwarf Ironbreaker mini photo
Temple Guard unit photo
Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut photo
Herald of Khorne and Bloodletters photo
Branchwraith and Treekin photo
Minotaur unit photo
Warrior Priest 2 weapons photo
Ogre Bruiser Unit photo
Skaven Warlord and Stormvermin unit photo
Nurgle Herald and Plaguebearers photo
Branchwraith model photo
Skaven Clanrats unit photo
Warriors of Nurgle Chaos photo
Bloodletters and herald photo

The entrants list....

(see the forum for the full list of optional and magic items taken for each unit/character plus why the person posting their unit thinks it's better than all of the others !)

1) Dwarf Thane + 24 Miners - Jetsam
2) Wight King + 25 Grave Guard - Lawrence1981
3) Black Orc Big Boss + 28 BOs - jaggedjaw
4) Vampire Hero + Cairn Wraith & Banshee - strigoi
5) Exalted Champion + 14 Chaos Warriors - Khorne74
6) Dwarf Thane + 24 Iron Breakers - MrSeb
7) Saurus Oldblood + 14 Temple Guard - cargils02
8) Herald of Khorne + 25 Bloodletters - LordoftheBrassThrone
9) Warrior Priest + 30 Greatswords & 10 Militia - Telepfenion
10) Herald of Khorne + 24 Bloodletters - Malevolex Prime
11) Branchwraith + 5 Tree Kin - Sdrachus
12) Gorebull + 4 Minotaurs - Lawrence1981
13) Warrior Priest + 2 Engineers + 21 Spearmen - Steven Mann
14) Ogre Bruiser + 8 Ironguts - Timothy Canice O'Flynn
15) Skaven Warlord + 40 Stormvermin - Kristopher Napier
16) Herald of Nurgle + 27 Plaguebearers - James Gonzo Kilgour
17) Branchwraith + 6 Treekin - Dennis D Wendt
18) Skaven Warlord + 68 Skaven Clan Rats - Stephen Exall
19) Exalted Champion + 18 Nurgle Warriors - Liam James Spires
20) Herald of Khorne + 34 Bloodletters - Matt Hollis

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