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Fimir - a new Fantasy Army pdf

Warhammer Battle veterans might remember the Fimir from the early rulebooks way back in the late 1980's (up to the 3rd edition Bestiary and also in the Warhammer Armies compendium). Well these part daemonic (allegedly), one-eyed, mace tailed, bipods have emerged once more from the mists...

Fimir Army Book cover photo to PDF
This army book comes courtesy of Dennis Erdmann and Jan Hartmann (Battle Reporter forum member JanvanHal).

I should probably point out that...

... this army book is completely unofficial and is NOT endorsed by Games Workshop in any way at all.

The 8th edition army list seems to be well constructed. and, I understand, it plays well on the battlefield - although I cannot testify to that from personal experience.

Jan has told me that while they're happy with the army itself they could really use some help with the book's layout and the English therein (it's not Jan's first language). So, if you think you could lend a hand and would let to get involved with the project then please contact Jan through the forum or leave a post in the Fimir feedback thread.

I think it's fair to say that the book is still something of a work-in-progress when it comes to the written English. Occasionally, you will need to re-read and provide your own interpretation of some of the rules so please bear this in mind before considering any feedback.

The strength of the army lies in it's overall resilience and offensive nature evidenced by the relatively high toughness, weapon skill and attacks of many of the units. All of the units also cause fear and the rare units cause terror. The Fimir army is the kind of force that would suit a player who likes getting into the thick of the action and definitely not someone who likes to engage the enemy from a distance (I think the only ranged "missile" attack is from the Dragon Turtle's breath !) The army would also be ideal for someone who doesn't have a lot of time to paint (or doesn't enjoy painting) because the pts costs of miniatures is relatively high.

Blood Moon Miniatures ( - Bog Raiders
Blood Moon Bog Raider minis

The army has it's own Magic named the Lore of Balor which has a nice balance of both utility and defensive spells and a single potentially devastating (no ward allowed !) spell named the Eye of Balor (cast on 24+).

Fimir army art picture
The army has slightly fewer constituent units than some other unofficial armies and does not have any special characters but I guess you could always come up with your own. We have:-

4 Lord level characters
4 Heroes
5 Core
7 Special including Swamp Demons, the ethereal Spectres and the unbreakable Fen Beast
3 Rare units - including a flying Jabberwock !

There are almost 40 magic items to choose from with a very wide variety of properties. Magic armour is fairly absent (there are only two pieces available) due, i suspect, to the high toughness of the Lords and Heroes. I haven't read all of the item rules yet but a couple of amusing names stood out such as the "Weapon of Mass Destruction" and the "Venomous plonk of God Kweethul" :)

I think the biggest problem that the Fimir will encounter on the battlefield will be countering their opponent's flanking plans and getting to grips with their ranged attackers. The Fimir are not the fastest moving of armies and are limited in numbers although they do have access to flying Furies which should help to march block the enemy and hunt war machines.

Fimir Character miniature photo

For anyone interested in a little more reading around the Fimir, you can find an older edition army list in the Warpstone Magazine - Issue 25 Fimir (below) along with some supporting Fantasy Roleplay material (although you'll have to pay for it because it's a subscription only magazine and not free).

Fimir Warpstone Issue 25 Cover Artwork

The above images are copyrighted and have been used without permission, all rights reserved by their respective owners (including Games Workshop, Warpstone and BloodMoonMinis).

Last but not least, here's a slideshow of all the army books we now support in the:-

...unofficial army book section of the Battle Reporter forum.

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