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Blood in the Badlands a new Warhammer Campaign

Games Workshop are really pushing Fantasy Battle this year. The rate of army releases and what with this supplement and the excellent Storm of Magic we've never had it better in terms of new content and miniatures (plus Finecast for the connoisseur).

I have no idea what this campaign supplement is like because it's only just been announced as an Advance Order - released on 3rd Dec 2011. It looks like a pretty cool Christmas present to me which is why I've already asked my wife for it (and it's only £20 GBP - a smart pricing move by GW for Xmas!)

Here's what GW have to say:-

"Blood in the Badlands is a campaign system for Warhammer that enables you to unleash your army against your foes and carve out a corner of the notorious Badlands for yourself. As well as the campaign system itself, the book contains rules that can be used in any Warhammer game, form massive multi-player scenarios featuring new magic items and spells, rules for underground battles and a complete siege expansion. Blood in the Badlands also features the tale of eight intrepid hobbyists as they play the campaign, including detailed battle reports, glorious army showcases and turn-by-turn accounts of their expanding empires.

This 96-page full-colour hardback Warhammer Supplement contains rules for siege battles in Warhammer, underground battles, new scenarios, magic items and Cataclysm spells. It also has a full set of rules that can be used with the Mighty Empires expansion set."

Badlands WFB Campaign book cover pdf

I notice that GW make a lot of effort these days to loosely couple all their products which is nice because it means everything integrates nicely but is also optional (except for the core rulebook that is !)

Warhammer Fantasy Badlands PDF

Badlands WFB Rulebook PDF

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