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New Vampire Counts Army book and miniatures

Games Workshop will be announcing a new Vampire Counts rule book and quite a few new models in the January 2012 edition of White Dwarf.

I'm sure that Wood Elves and Bretonnia were meant to be the next army books released, or at least that has been the rumour for a long time. I suppose we should have taken the hint when GW released the new Terrorgheist, Cairn Wraith and Banshee rules. Let that be a lesson for us !

Anyway, these pics come courtesy of the Warhammer Battle Reporter Facebook Group (thanks guys).

I have to say that some of these miniatures seem quite a departure from the norm for the usual "boots (and torsos) on the ground (or slightly above it)" approach of Vampire Counts armies. When I say "miniatures", I'm really referring to the Mortis Engine and the Coven Throne (the same kit) which looks like quite a new concept. I suppose we always had the Black Coach which was a very original and unique unit (and awesome if you managed to "max it out") so I guess GW reckoned that there was room for some further experimentation without completely changing the feel of the army.

It's all very exciting if you're a VC player (I have 3,000pts of them) and, in particular, if you like large dominating units (monsters / war machines) that require a lot of glue and painting ! (it's only a shame they didn't come out in time for the Christmas holidays).

With these new Vamps and the recent-ish Ogres Games Workshop really seems to be breaking the mould and spreading it's batty wings. The models these days are definitely more exciting than they've ever been. I'll see how the army book reads before giving both thumbs up but so far it all looks very promising and I really love the Wight King and the ethereal "monsters" (although, they appropriately look like a painting nightmare for someone like me!)

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Warhammer Coven Throne miniature picture photo

Warhammer Mortis Engine miniature picture photo

Warhammer Vargheist Vargeist photos

Warhammer Crypt Horror model photo

Warhammer Wight King miniature picture photo

Warhammer Black Knight miniature picture photo

Citadel Hexwraiths miniature picture photo

Krell and Isabel Vampire picture photo

VC Army Book PDF Warhamer rulebook

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