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Warhammer Battle Reports 7th / 8thNauticans / Design Fantasy Gallery

Outstanding Warhammer Promise

These guys have never lost a battle, they win all the painting tournaments they enter (which is all of them)  and when they enter the prison canteen even the Chaos Gods shuffle to the side !

These are... the Battle Reporters and we're inviting the minions (that's you !) to join us. If you have the million dollar entry fee and have a win record of at least 1000-0 then you might be accepted into the new apprenticeship scheme by the Council of Gaming Titans.

Apply within and live your Warhammer dream - if you dare !

You will need a real email address to register (just set up a fake gmail/hotmail account if you want). We have to send you an "activate your account" email otherwise advertising spambots attack our forum and even though we're rock hard we cannot always find the time to travel to the respective countries to beat them up ! :(

A Friendly Fantasy Battle forum with no trolls - we have troll slayers instead ;-), no flame wars (the Nautican's extinguish them) and no nonsense that you find on larger forums.
Warhammer Fantasy Battle forum

We're seeking new members to try to boost our activity and hammering fun.

We only have one important rule... to be friendly.

If you're a friendly kind of Ogre, Orc, Elf, Daemon, Vampire, Skaven, Human or even Dwarf (!) and you're looking for a friendly WFB forum, we might be what you're after.

  • Cover all Warhammer Armies
  • Host 15 unofficial Warhammer Army Book PDFs that are free to download or view online
  • Have a dedicated Painting forum, painting contests and award winning painters
  • Host tactical competitions and debate
  • Have many veteran and tournament winning players
  • Have our very own text based Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay forum
  • Post the latest news for your opinions and comments
  • Have an awesome slideshow containing member miniature pics
  • Have links to hundreds of battle reports and an amazing model gallery
  • Cover all of the other Games Workshop products
  • We even have an arcade with browser games for when you're bored !
  • Have our own Facebook Warhammer Battle Reporter's Group
You'll need a valid email address to authenticate your account to stop the spambots posting adverts!

Be part of the creative community and get more from your hobby.

Miniature painted by our forum member and award winning painter named "Dims". Used with permission.

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