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Sigmar's Warhammer Battle Recorder is now online

My Fantasy Battle recorder and Warhammer league table website is now available.
Empire Standard Bearer painted by quidam Corvus
by quidam Corvus (see footnote)

Battle Recorder Summary

The website collects your battle details, archives them and summarizes the results. You can include links to your websites/blogs or YouTube battle reports and/or add notes to each battle.

Each user is ranked by their performance and the most successful commanders (it could be you!) are shown in the Legends and Hammerers tables. Members can view and download their old battles and search through the archive and read everybody else's.

You can also create your own league for a club competition or just friendlies with your gaming buddies and participate in our polls which rate and rank each army in various ways.

All the battle data is summarized in tables that plainly show which armies are most successful, how they perform against each enemy and their best units, troop types and turn phases.

Simply create a account

This is a test version* so you can add up to 30 pretend battles
 (test data will be deleted before "go live").

* The website will "go live" once any reported problems and comments have been addressed.

Sigmar's Battle Recorder website is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop!

Sigmar's WFB Recorder - Add Battle

Here's a more detailed breakdown of the features:-
  • Keeps a historical record of everyone's battles, all the battle details and notes
  • Enables member's to download all their own battle details, notes and links
  • Allows users to link to detailed Battle Reports on other sites or YouTube videos (viewable by all)
  • Allows everyone to search the Battle archive database
  • Summarizes the battle data to show :-

    • The most to least successful armies (ranked by win, draw and loss %)
    • How each army performs against each enemy (ranked by win, draw and loss %)
    • A matrix of which armies are most successful against each other (by wins and/or draws)
    • Each Army's best units (eg. Rare), troop types (eg. Cavalry) and best phase (eg. Magic)

  • Ranks members by

    • Hammerer status - members who are the most successful in battle (top 50 by win %)
    • Legendary status - members with the most number of wins (top 3 rank for each army)
    • Performance of members in each League they have been added to

  • Collates member's profile data and summaries it to show:-

    • Which armies they collect, have painted, want most, love, loathe and fear
    • How they rate each army by rule book, miniatures and army strength in battle

  • Create and manage your own league of up to 20 friends or fellow club gamers

Sigmar's Battle Recorder website - Armies Vs page

On a personal note

I created the site to try to develop my website programming skills and to encourage some more people to join the Battle Reporter forum (hopefully). The site is free to use, there are no catches (or spam - you can "opt in" to receiving email updates if you like).

I used ASP.NET, SQL Server, C# and AJAX to develop the site and it's hosted by SmarterASP.NET (a low cost and efficient web host that I can recommend).

The development was fun, frustrating and rewarding in equal measure. My next project is a miniature upload website to allow users to rate and comment on painters, miniatures and conversions (a bit like Coolminiornot but with more rating options, categories, search options, links to great miniature painters and customize-able slideshows). I'm going to attempt to do it in MVC and JQuery, preferred technologies in my line of work. 

Sigmar's WFB Recorder - Member's Roster

Sigmar's WFB Recoder - War Statistics

Sigmar's WFB Recoder - Battles & Armies Summary

Empire Standard Bearer painted by quidam Corvus (used with permission).
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This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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