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Warhammer Fantasy Battles League - Campaigns & Alliances being added

I'm adding a new Campaigns and Alliances feature to my Warhammer Fantasy Online Leagues website - (going live soon!)

For anybody who is unfamiliar with WFBattles it's a new, completely FREE (with no catches !) interactive Warhammer Fantasy website that will enable users to:-
  • Record their battles, comments and links (to battle reports / videos)
  • Compare their performance against fellow gamers
  • Create their own leagues for up to 20 friends/club buddies
  • Check out stacks of Warhammer army stats
  • Participate in and view various user polls and
  • Join an alliance and fight in a campaign (coming soon)
The new Campaign feature allows the user to choose between 5 different alliances:-
  • the Order of Law
  • the Chaos Pact
  • the Ravening Hordes
  • the Rebel Realms and
  • the Mercenaries for Hire
Each Alliance consists of 5 Warhammer armies, any battles you play with those armies contributes to the success of the alliance in the campaign which is shown in the Campaign page (to be added soon).

You are awarded campaign points according to your success on the battlefield, "war spoils" for your contribution to your alliance's overall number of battles, "victory points" for your alliance's final standing and  "honour points" (there is more honour for fighting for alliances with fewer members). Your historic campaign points are recorded in a Campaign Heroes table for everybody to see.

The first campaign will be named "A Time of Foreboding" - a new incursion of chaos threatens the world!

 Here are some screenshots...

(click to enlarge images in a new window)
WFBattles - Campaigns and Alliances picture Alliances - Order of Law and Chaos Pact Alliances - Ravening Hordes, Rebel Realms and Mercenaries for Hire

The website is still in development but nearing completion so feel free to create an account to try it out.

If you want to keep abreast of the development then you can book mark the Battle Reporter WFBattles forum thread or join the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Reporter Facebook group.

A personal thanks to Red Orc (the Battle Reporter forum member who suggested the idea to me).

Thanks folks,

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