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Goblin Doom Diver from Painted by G

Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Incoming! (31st Aug 2013)

I'm pleased to announce that will be going live before the end of August and you can set up an account now to give it a test drive (it's FREE and there a no catches ! I'm not in it for the money).

For anybody who has visited in the past you will notice quite a few new features (all uploaded last week):-
  • New League Features
  • Campaigns and Alliances
  • Loads of New Stats with Interactive Charts
  • A new Legendary Champions rank
  • The Book of Grudges!
  • Stacks of great new mini pics*
* used with the very kind permission of some of the best painters in the Warhammer world.

Feature Summary

You can read all about it on the home page so I'll just highlight provide a round up...
    The site enables users to record their battles, notes and report links online, view their battle history (and download it), create their own leagues for friends and clubs, participate in the current campaign by choosing an alliance and fighting for war spoils and honour and check out all the key battle stats to help hone your army selection strategy. 
    There are also various polls to test the community's opinion on all the armies and miniatures, which armies are loved, loathed and feared and to see who collects what and how much of it is painted!

I'm really hoping that this will help people get more from our awesome hobby and we can build a bit of a community up around it, stomping stunties should be enjoyed with friends :-)

Please help me to spread the work on Facebook, Twitter, Forums and Google+

That's it folks, check out the images below which, hopefully, will speak for themselves.

All 39 WFBattles pages

A sample of WFBattles pages (for those who can't see the slideshow) - click images to see them online.

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