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Warhammer Fantasy Battles News & Highlights (

Work continues apace on the site and you should notice several new features and improvements over the next few weeks. Here's a brief update and some highlights since Go Live on 31st August.

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WFB site stats
WFB Army Stats, Leagues, Campaigns and Player Ranking

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WFB Battle Statistics (from ArmiesVs and Reckoning Pages)

  • Dark Elves are the most successful army, followed by Warriors of Chaos
  • Orcs and Goblins and The Empire prop up the foot of the table
  • Core infantry units are the most influential on the battlefield, followed by cavalry and then monsters
  • Magic just trumps shooting as the most influential phase but neither are as important as combat
  • Vampire Counts players are the luckiest, Bretonnians have the most fun while Dwarfs roll the worst dice and Dark Elf players are the most gloomy
  • High Elves are the most common foe, they best Wood Elves and Bretonnia and are beaten most by Skaven and Warriors of Chaos
  • Forces of Destruction are winning the eternal war (if Forces of Order and Non-aligned armies joined  a coalition then the war would be hanging more in the balance).
  • The Empire and Daemons of Chaos are the most bitter rivals
  • Ogre Kingdoms are best in tournaments, Wood Elves are the worst
  • Order of Law is winning the current fantasy campaign, closely followed by The Rebel Realms

WHFB Best Armies

WFB Member Opinions (from Reckoning Pages and WFB Member Polls)

  • Skaven, Warriors of Chaos and Dark Elves have the most entries in the book of Grudges
  • Lizardmen and Bretonnia are by far the least resented by other players
  • Unsurprisingly (given the recent release), Lizardmen are the most wanted army
  • Daemons of Chaos is the least wanted army and Dwarfs is the most venerated army
  • Warriors of Chaos is by far the most feared army, while few fear Empire, Bretonnia or Gobbos
  • Vampire Counts is the best army book, Orcs and Goblins are the most collected
  • Warriors of Chaos and Skaven are believed to be the strongest armies, Wood Elves and Beastmen the weakest
  • High Elves is the most painted army, Beastmen the least painted

WFB Army Stats

Recent Changes

  • Faster loading polls and hobby pages, which are now updated automatically twice a day
  • Add Battle error checking allowing a re-post if a battle is not successfully saved
  • Two-way "jump" links between member profiles and member battles

Ongoing Development work

  • Star Rating for battle reports - allowing members to rate each others battles
  • Best rated Battle Reporters (Scribes page)
  • Option to submit "not rated" for Polls instead of a default 5 out of 10 stars

Future Developments

  • Most Valuable Unit selection dropdown added to AddBattle page
  • A new navigation interface, allowing visitors to quickly jump between all pages
  • Member accolades awarded according to profile choices, activity and performance
  • Member profile option to add website/blog and avatar
  • Downloadable league results
  • Most successful player analysis by army selection choices, game size, enemy etc
  • More campaign options, possibly allowing an alliance member to target a specific enemy army

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