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Best Fantasy Battles & Luckiest Winners

"Merry Slaughter" (most enjoyable Warhammer battles) and "Chosen of the Dice Gods" (luckiest winners) added to the Battlefields page 
Vampire Countess painted

The new sections take the fun and luck ratings from the add Battle page.

Merry Slaughter
    ...shows the most enjoyable enemy army "match up" for each race*

* All armies are then ranked in order of "fun". So if, for example, "Warriors of Chaos vs Dark Elves" is at the top of the list it means that the match up is the most fun enemy to play against for Warriors of Chaos and the overall most fun of all the battles added.

Chosen of the Dice Gods in exactly the same way as Merry Slaughter except it uses the luck rating from the add Battle page and only winning battles are taken into account.

expertly painted High Elven Griffon

As it happens, Warriors of Chaos vs Dark Elves is currently top of the most enjoyable battles which, presumably, is due to all the blood that is spilled by that notoriously blood thirsty lot! It's also a result of those two armies being the most successful armies which is likely to result in the players finding the battles more fun. Interestingly though, Orcs and Goblins and Tomb Kings are also in the top 3 and they are way down the list when it comes to win % (see ArmiesVs page) so maybe O&G and TK players are simply a happy warmongering bunch :-)

Unsurprisingly, Vamps, Wood Elves and Tomb Kings are in the top 5 luckiest winners, I suspect they rely more than most on the blessing of the Dice Gods ;-)

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Note: the armies are likely to move around quite a lot in both the Merry Slaughter and Chosen of the Gods tables. This is because there are 225 combinations of battles so on average armies have only faced one another just over 4 times at the present. Some armies face one another more than others, High Elves and Warriors of Chaos for instance fight more frequently than Tomb Kings and Beastmen. Therefore a Beastmen or Tomb King game given a high Luck or Fun rating will have a disproportionate effect on the table averages until more battles have been posted.

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