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Vampire Counts vs High Elves 1000pts - you choose the armies for the next Warhammer Battle Video

My blog had a poll posted a couple of weeks ago asking everyone which Warhammer armies everyone would like to see in my first full video 1000pt battle report.

High Elves and Vampire Counts won the vote.

I'm going to offer my readers a chance to select the units, magic, characters etc involved. A friend and I (or maybe just me) will then run the battle over 6 turns. The battle will be run just like a real game (except I'll be taking lots of photos and notes). I'll be posting up details of the models I have to choose from.

Note: for High Elves, I have a lot of everything, except I am limited to 5 Dragon Princes, which could be used as Silver Helms or, at a push, Reaver Knights.

For Vampires I currently have the Spearhead and Battalion boxed sets, although I will be adding some rare and special units over the next month (I expect to run the battle in May)

To select the army commanders I am asking you to join my forum (which is totally free, friendly and you will not be spammed). People who are already forum members can also apply.

You need to go to this thread in the forum :-

Vampire Counts vs High Elves 1000pt video Battle

...and tell me what, in your opinion, are the strengths and weaknesses of either the High Elves or the Vampire Counts in a few paragraphs.

The Chosen Commanders...

The 2 people who win will get to choose their tabletop deployment positions (I'll take a photo of terrain placing before the battle).

Also, the commanders will be able to give their basic army instructions at the outset of the battle. You will be like a King giving instructions to your generals before they set out to war.

Note: Your enemy will not know the details of your deployment or your instructions before the battle commences.

Once I have all the details from both commanders I will post them on the blog with full army lists. For some fun, we'll get everyone to vote on who they think will win. Then I will photo the battle and make a video out of it with some narrative and stats.

I will probably post up 1 video for each turn so I can provide a detailed turn by turn breakdown on the blog.

Finally, it's still all in the planning stage in my mind so any ideas you have are greatly appreciated. If all goes well and people like the videos (and I have fun making them) I will make this a regular thing.

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