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Warriors of Chaos Army List replaces Hordes of Chaos Army Book download pdf here (White Dwarf WD342 June 2008)

18th Oct 2008 update : The Warriors of Chaos Army list was published in a previous edition of White Dwarf as an interim measure until the new book became available. The new Warriors of Chaos book is now out (Oct 2008) so you should use that instead.

For all currently available army lists:-

All Warhammer Army Reference .pdf lists

Yep, you heard me correctly... the Warriors of Chaos Army List (as published in White Dwarf WD342 June 2008) now "replaces" the Hordes of Chaos army list. For the Warriors of Chaos pdf (free Warriors of Chaos pdf from GW (pre Oct 2008)

WD342 contains all the basis army details required to field a Warriors of Chaos army. The only missing bts appear to be the special characters and all the back ground to the army. Everything else is there including Lord / Hero level characters, Core, Special and Rare units and a Magic Items list (although they seem a bit short of magic items !)

I have yet to study the list in full but at this stage I'd have to remark that the army has become a bit cheaper to field (in terms of points). Also, GW said they would be releasing "a number of new plastic sets to go alongside the existing Chaos Warrior and Chaos Marauder kits..."

Some of the Warriors of Chaos points value changes...

Warriors of Chaos have come down in points (from 14 to 12pts) as have Knights of Chaos (from 33 to 28pts) and Chariots are now 100pts compared to the previous 120pts.

With the loss of Daemonic Units there doesn't seem to be enough in the way of unit choices for my liking.

One big advantage though is that Warriors upgraded to Chosen and Knights of Chaos upgraded to Chosen are a lot cheaper than they were and better. Chosen Warriors used to be 20pts, now they're 17pts, Chosen Knights have come down a lot from 45pts to 38pts and compared very favourably with all other knights in the Warhammer World.

Some other nice additions...

The Hellcannon (makes a welcome return) and Chaos Giant have both been added to the list. It says in White Dwarf that rules will be available online (I'll post them here when I find them !)

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