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Warhammer Battle Reports 7th / 8thNauticans / Design Fantasy Gallery

White Dwarf February WD350 (UK) - contents review

A real treat for reptilian / amphibian Warhammer Battle generals

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

  • Lizardmen advertss incl prices & release dates (6 pages)
  • Slayer of the Storm God - Felix and Gotrek audio CD advert
  • Rise of the Ancients - 14 pages of design notes for the Lizardmen Army
  • Painting Lizardmen - 2 pages
  • 7th-8th Feb 2009 - lizardmen themed events at GW
    (including legendary battles, building lustria and Stegadon racing ?!)
  • Lizardmen miniatures range - 2 pages of painted Lizzies
  • Battle Report - 20 pages of Lizardmen vs Daemons of Chaos
    (nice looking jungle clearing setting - "Aztec-like")
  • Jungle Terrain modelling - 6 pages
  • bitz packs
    - lizardmen shields 8 for £2 GBP
    - Chaos Chosen (metal) heads 10 for £6 GBP
    (compatible with Chaos Warriors and Knights)

    (some pics from the jungle modelling article, click to enlarge)

    Lord of the Rings

  • War of the Ring (new rules are 2 months away) - new ents (advert)
  • War of the Ring preview day
    - field 9 Mumakil on the plains of Pelennor !
    (go to your local GW shop on 28th Feb to try out new rules)
  • Prepare of Battle - 6 pages on a kind of tournament diary
  • War journal - 3 pages more talk about the new rules and scaling up.

    Warhammer 40k

  • Collectors range - 3 new Space Marine Casualties (dying or dead !)
    (one in particular is pretty cool, he's lying prone on his back, raising his gun for one last shot)
  • Ork Stompa - new and massive !
    (the biggest plastic miniature GW have ever made)
    very customisable war machine/vehicle
  • Boot Camp - 6 pages of Ork tactics
  • Cities of Death - 6 pages on "grafting" the expansion to the Orks codex
  • Standard Bearer - 3 pages on the mini collecting hobby (Jervis Johnson)
  • Painting Masters - Luke McFarlane (Space Marines) 5 pages

    Other White Dwarf stuff

  • 2 new black library books
    - The Adventures of Florin & Lorenzo (Warhammer)
    - The Inquisitor War (Warhammer 40k)
  • Forgeworld - Imperial Minotaur (Twin Earthshaker Cannons)
    (it looks like a huge double barrelled "Big Bertha" - google it)
  • Trafalgar - new 144 page rulebook for Warhammer Historical
  • School League Regional Finals - email for details
  • Hobby Essentials advert - water effects
  • Citadel Hall of Fame by Aly Morrison - the Grail Reliquae (2 pages)
  • Eavy Metal Masterclass - Painting Faces 6 pages
  • Event Profile - Warhammer World Art and Design Exhibitions
  • Event Calendar & store finder
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