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Nippon Warhammer Fantasy Army Book released

A new unofficial Warhammer army list has just been released by M4cR1II3n (one of the Battle Reporter forum members). This one is all about Nippon - the land of the rising sun.

This army has since been updated (9-Feb-2013), review here.

It's another superb tome to get your grubby Hammering mitts around. M4cR1II3n has a knack for creating superb army lists.

The Nippon Army Book is in the Warhammer Battle Reporter projects forum for downloading or viewing online:-

Fan-made (unofficial) pdf Warhammer Army books for download

Don't miss the other great books including Albion, Araby, Cathay, Dwarfs of Chaos, Kislev and the Nauticans. All of these army lists are in playable (albeit draft) formats and concur with standard Warhammer Fantasy rules.

Please post your comments and feedback in the above forum.

BTW, they're all free to download with no catches !

Here are some of the highlights:-

The "fluff" is outstanding you get a real feel for "the way of the warrior", respect, truth, loyalty, discipline and above all... honour ! A lot of research went into the history and background and it's really paid off.

A summary of some of the unit list:-

From the Hatamoto warriors who will commit seppuku if they break from combat - to Sumo Warriors with their crushing grip - to the daemonic unbreakable Oni for those daring enough to summon one ! From Ninja with their blowguns, caltrop spikes, grappling hooks and smoke bombs to the deadly Akodo Kaneka, Shogun of Nippon with his masterful command of his warriors (18" leadership, re-roll failed break tests !)

There are 4 Lord options, 6 Heroes, 5 Core (including the Samurai I suspect everyone will want to field), 5 special (where the Ninjas are hiding) and 3 rare units including some very useful looking unbreakable skirmishers called Ronin, a Thunder Dragon and the lethal Kitsune (like a spirit Wolf and hard to kill).

If that hasn't whet your appetite then I give up !

This army is completely unofficial and is NOT endorsed by Games Workshop
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