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Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Rulebook and Accessories

New Warhammer Rules, miniatures, skull dice, ranging set, counters and Fantasy Battle Magic cards - and they look fantastic !

Games Workshop have pulled out all the stops and come up with some very high quality looking product releases to support the new rulebook.

I'm quite intrgiued by the new miniatures. I wouldn't mind guessing that they support some new rules. They're all called citizens; duellists, regimental mascot and merchant and scribe. Hmmm... interesting. Does anyone know what the new miniatures are all about ?

On the GW site go to... Warhammer > Warhammer Advance Orders

The dice look brilliant and I'll definitely get the magic cards which detail all the spells in the book and everything you need to know to cast them.

The rulebook on the left is the Warhammer Collectors' edition and it looks like a mighty fine tome !  Here's what GW have to say...

"This is the ultimate edition of Warhammer. A true heirloom of the Warhammer world, this grimoire is even larger than the more-widely available rulebook, something we were sure wasn't possible! Opening up its thick, embossed covers you'll discover the Warhammer rulebook in full colour, presented on highest quality parchment. The Collectors' Edition comes with three dividing ribbons for ease of reference during games and a metal clasp to keep the tome shut, lest unnameable horrors escape from its pages."

PS. It's a limited edition 3,500 copies only !

You'd better check out the GW site, there's quite a lot of stuff up there and it's all looking extremely good for us Fantasy Battle fans - I can't wait !!!!

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