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GW's New plastic High Elves Review

Warhammer Fantasy Battle plastics are now second to none amongst all the various war gaming plastic models available in 28mm scale.

The level of detail is almost (but not quite) as good as metal models. The poses and postures all look great and a lot less "cartoony" than they once were in the 1990's but, thankfully, they still look "fantastical" in appearance and don't take themselves too seriously.

The High Elf models are amongst the best new releases from Games Workshop. I'm not that impressed by the way they have been painted (in terms of the colours chosen). Far too much blue, white and gold for my liking (especially the gold). Don't worry though, I've taken a good look at the plastic sprues and they all look excellent, in particular the White Lions (cloaks, pleasingly large axes and the excellent "landscape-oriented" embossed standard. The Phoenix Guard also have a very good standard depicting, unsurprisingly, a metallic looking phoenix raising from a flame in a "portrait" orientation, the standard also sports a flaming chalice on top !).

The weakest link (to my untrained eye) are the Dragon Princes. I like the look of them and 5 for £18 GBP is very good value for money but they are too "spikey" for my liking and they are not presented as well as they could be in my opinion because the dragon armour has been painted with too much bright blue.

Closer inspection of the Dragon Princes sprue does however reveal shed loads of model parts to choose from with regards to heads, and weapons and I really like the standard bearer.

Games Workshop are nowdays doing a superb job of promoting their range of models online. You will find pictures of the whole unit, individual photos of the command unit and a single "trooper" model, shots of the sprues, the boxed set cover and a decent description of all of the components. Things are getting better and better in the World of Warhammer :D

Some of the individual unit pictures are available on this blog here:-

All the details on Games Workshop  are here:-

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