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Ghorgon Miniature !

Spell it however you want:- Gorgon, Gorghon or the correct Ghorgon, it doesn't really matter it sounds the same and it will still tear the limbs from most of your Warhammer Fantasy enemies :) This model is superb and MASSIVE !

Coming it at almost 14 centimeters this bad boy is going to stand out on the Warhammer battlefield. The modelling is excellent and true to the Beastmen Ghorgon picture in the army book.

Check out the gaping maw on the left leg, the somewhat worried human in it's right claw, the horns, teeth, skull "medallion" and all those strength 6 arms or maybe I should call them appendages. With the stubborn attribute, leadership 10, toughness 6 and the ability to regain wounds this unit must surely prove to be one of the most popular in the Beastmen army (if you have a model for it !). I just don't understand why GW haven't already designed and released a Ghorgon mini yet ?!

Ghorgon Warhammer model

Ghorgon, Gorghon or Gorgon model

Anyway, not to worry, this Ghorgon miniature fits the bill very nicely. It's sculpted by "Miss Painting Group" who are based in Hong Kong and contactable here:-

If you're desperate to get your hands on it there's actually a "Buy it Now" US $95.90 (or best offer) eBay auction going on right now (it ends on 3rd Dec 2010):-

Ghorgon Miniature Sale

They also have some Cygor models for sale, which also look the part:-

Cygor Miniatures for Sale

They're not cheap but I think they're reasonably priced and where else can you find these miniatures ? The only alternative I can think of is a Warhammer Giant conversion (which would be fun but it's not everyone's cup of tea and I'd be worried about messing it up !).

You can contact them through their Miniature Painting Group eBay shop.

Miniature Painting Group eBay shop

Images used with permission of Miniature Painting Group.
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