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Best and Worst 8th Edition Armies

The strongest Warhammer Fantasy Battle Armies under the 8th edition rulebook - poll results. We had over 500 people voting and here's the outcome.

Note that: new Orcs & Goblins, Tomb Kings, Ogre Kingdoms and Vampire Count army books were released during the vote (so some people will have voted before seeing the new armies).

Voters were asked to choose the 5 best and worst WHFB armies.

Which armies are the most powerful under the 8th edition rules ?

Best WFB Army photo High Elves

% of all voters / army

46% High Elves
45% Skaven
40% Warriors of Chaos
32% Dark Elves
29% Chaos Daemons
28% The Empire
20% Lizardmen
20% Dwarfs
19% Vampire Counts
16% Orcs and Goblins
10% Ogre Kingdoms
9% Tomb Kings
7% Bretonnia
6% Wood Elves
4% Beastmen

Which are the weakest fantasy battle armies under the WFB 8th ed. rulebook ?

Worst WFB Army photo Wood Elves

% of all voters / army

65% Wood Elves
45% Bretonnia
40% Beastmen
37% Tomb Kings
27% Ogre Kingdoms
24% Vampire Counts
16% Orcs and Goblins
14% Dwarfs
11% The Empire
10% Lizardmen
8% High Elves
7% Chaos Daemons
5% Dark Elves
3% Warriors of Chaos
2% Skaven

and if you rank both lists (from best to worst) and add the ranks up and then sort them in order of best 8th edition army to worst 8th edition army then this is what you get...

The overall best to worst Warhammer Fantasy Battle army... 
(ranked in order of best + least worst)
Overall Best WFB Army photo Skaven Elves

1st / Skaven / 3 pts
2nd / Warriors of Chaos / 5 pts
3rd / High Elves / 6 pts
4th / Dark Elves / 7 pts
5th / Chaos Daemons / 9 pts
6th / Lizardmen / 13 pts
7th / The Empire / 13 pts
8th / Dwarfs / 16 pts
9th / Orcs and Goblins / 19 pts
10th / Vampire Counts / 19 pts
11th / Ogre Kingdoms / 22 pts
12th / Tomb Kings / 24 pts
13th / Bretonnia / 27 pts
14th / Beastmen / 28 pts
15th / Wood Elves / 29 pts

I'm sure you'll want to draw your own conclusions, I'm just sorry for the poor old Beastmen because their army book wasn't released that long ago and yet they still come in second bottom in the ranking.

I think anyone who has played against the top 5 know they are disgustingly good, especially Warriors of Chaos (in my opinion).

A note to Games Workshop: I think it's time to bring on those Bretonnian and Wood Elf army books.

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