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A new Halfling Army Book for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

The Warhammer Halflings PDF army book is ready for download or viewing online - the Hungry Horde are coming for dinner !

WFB Halfings Army Book PDF cover
Another masterpiece from Mathias - he's probably contributed more to the unofficial World of Warhammer than anybody else - ever !! 

(see the foot of this post for all the other unofficial army books that Mathias has developed or contributed to, plus some unofficial armies developed by other Battle Reporter Community members).

Halfling Warhammer Army Book PDF

Halfling Army Book Discussion

Right, that's enough hero-worshiping, let's take a look inside the book. I'm excited about spreading the news so am writing this as I go along so please bear in mind I haven't used this army in battle or even read the whole book properly - yet. These are my first impressions.

(this army book is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop)

The book is a pdf document, 80 pages long (about 32 meg) and split into 4 main sections;
  • The Hungry Horde
  • The Land of the Moot
  • History of the Moot and
  • Bestiary
and of course the Introduction and how could you not be charmed by this army...

"The Halflings of the Moot are a peaceful and pastoral people, but their bravery in defence of their homeland should not be doubted. Their armies are primarily made up of Halfling Militia fighting with whatever weapons the can come up with, but they also bring their dangerous farm yard animals, hot soup and angry wives with them, making them a small but dangerous foe to face!"

Halflings for Warhammer Battle artwork

The Hungry Horde spans about 9 pages and details the appearance, behaviour and general Halfling culture (with mentions of their predilection towards adventuring and thievery and their resistance to magic and a short story about, what else... the famous Halfling Hotpot). As always, it is extremely well written (unlike my blog) and engaging and you soon begin to get that familiar "this is an army I could really love" feeling creeping up from your hairy toes.

The Land of the Moot as you would expect is all about the geography and position of The Moot in the Olde World, it covers 9 pages and ends with a handy map of the Mootland.

The History of the Moot is superb and really brings the Halfling people to life, it contains a couple of short stories and finishes with a Timeline Chronicle - things really did look so good for them, especially with the discovery of a new type of potato in 1162,  until Gorbad !

Bestiary ! this really is a work of brilliance, Mathias has let his imagination run amok and we're all the better off for it because the end result is a classic army book full of fantastic, original ideas and units.

Some of my favourite moments browsing the Bestiary...

Both Special Army Wide rules
 - "Unquenchable Appetite" which uses the "Before Battle Meal" table.  A good meal can mean anything from a stubborn unit, +1 strength or a psychology re-roll whereas stale biscuits (!!!!) can lead to a leadership breakdown although suffering units do become subject to hatred - yes Halflings really do like their grub :)
 - Short and Stout - making the shorties difficult to hit.

Moot Magic with the spell names of Hearth, Home, Kith, Kin, Feast and Famine - inspired!
(The magic is nearly all augment in nature, which is quite appropriate; halflings aren't actually that great at magic and are better at dispelling than casting)

The Special Rules for the Master Chef (which all depend on the stew that he simmers, the spices he adds and a roll of the scatter dice to see which direction the wind carries the aroma across the battlefield - once again inspired !)

The Master Thief who can steal magic items from enemy characters - yes, at last enemies will now spend 100 pts on their death star unit-supporting magic items at their peril :)

Hobilar "Fast Cavalry" pony riders - who are prone to falling off !

Housewives who go into a frenzy if their male-folk are hurt - now that probably is very scary.

and, wait for it....

Swan Riders and Ram Riders !

Swans count as flying cavalry with archer riders (with a handy ballistic skill of 5) and Rams deliver impact hits (up strength 5 per ram in base contact).

Reaper and Shearer with their "Get Off My Land!" stubborn rule - yet again, inspired !

The Beekeeper with his Beeswarms !

The Pantry Guard - LOL, honestly, I feel like crying this is so great :)  Pantry Guard is the name of the fellows who protect the grub in the "Chuck Wagon" which acts a bit like a BSB. Awesome.

Dawg Riders :)

With their "Go Get 'Em Boy!" rule :-

"Dawgs are especially eager
when moving in on their prey as it usually means
food (or at least the promise of food!). Whenever a
unit of Dawg Riders charges, pursues or overrun,
they may re-roll the dice to see how far they move."

The Halflings benefit from some slightly tougher support in the shape of Moot Ogres and the Half-Tank and the Hot pot should prove useful against highly armoured opposition.

The Magic Item list is called "Hand-Me-Downs and Bric-A-Brac" - ROFLMAO - brilliant.

There are about 40 items, which are probably a bit weaker than those you're used to. Most of them are "augment-like" items and fit the theme perfectly.

Sigmar's Summary

This is my favourite unofficial army list to date - it's brilliant !

Packed full of inspiring ideas and with so much character it makes you want to drink some Alice in Wonderland potion to half your height. This book presents you with an army you'll want to cherish, one where you'll put a name tag on the underside of each miniature base. I suspect anyone collecting this army will spend as much time working on ways to theme their army with portable soup kitchens, hot dog stands and banners adorned with culinary sayings as they do on the army list itself.

I don't expect you to collect this army but do yourself a favour, download it, print it off and have a great time reading it !

Anyway, for a quick round up, click on the Bestiary Summary below for a bigger pic:-

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Halfling Army Reference Sheet

I can't thank Mathias enough for all the hard work he has put into these unofficial armies. If you enjoy them as well, please join the forum and let him know, his member name is M4cR1II3n.

Be part of the creative community and get more from your hobby.

FREE fan-made WFB Army Book pdfs
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