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Warhammer Battle Reports 7th / 8thNauticans / Design Fantasy Gallery - are Dark Elves now the strongest Warhammer Army ?

Warhammer Fantasy Battles
Sigmar's Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Update

Recent enhancements, future plans and highlights since my last update on 1st November.

WFB site highlights

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Recent Additions

Ongoing Development work

  • Detailed Battle Stats Page for all members (readable by anybody) covering everything !
  • A new drop down Menu to replace side buttons and improve navigation
  • New side bar elements :- top armies, top members (by Prestige), top battle report writers
Possible new dropdown menu navigation...

Picture of Warhammer Fantasy Battles new menu

Future Developments

  • "Massacre!" checkbox for Add Battle page
  • Medal and awards for achievements - eg. playing against all armies, winning 3 on the trot etc.
  • Member profile option to add website/blog and avatar
  • Downloadable league results
  • Army Summary pages including all Army data from all pages

WFB Battle Statistics (from ArmiesVs and Reckoning Pages)

  • Dark Elves have supplanted Warriors of Chaos as the most successful army
  • Beastmen replace Orcs & Goblins at the foot of the table
  • Core and Special units are the most influential on the battlefield
  • Infantry followed by cavalry are by far the most important troop types
  • Magic and shooting are equally important but neither are nearly as important as combat
  • Tomb Kings players are the luckiest, Warriors of Chaos have the most fun while High Elves roll the worst dice and poor old Woodies are the gloomiest ! - I wonder why ? ;-)
  • High Elves are the most common foe, surprisingly, they are the most successful against Dark Elves but unsurprisingly they are beaten most by Warriors of Chaos
  • Dwarfs, Skaven and Wood Elves count shooting as their most important phase ArmiesVs
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WFB Member Opinions (from Reckoning Pages and WFB Member Polls)

  • Bretonnia is the best in tournaments (lots of expert devotees I guess), Beastmen remain the worst
  • Order of Law is still winning the current fantasy campaign, now followed by the Chaos Pact
  • Skaven, Warriors of Chaos have the most entries in the book of Grudges (most loathed armies)
  • Few players loathe Lizardmen or Tomb Kings - I guess one is neutral and the other crumbles :-)
  • Lizardmen have been replaced by Dark Elves as the most wanted army
  • Skaven, Wood Elves and Daemons of Chaos are the least wanted armies
  • Warriors of Chaos is the most worshipped army and also the most feared
  • Hardly anybody fears Tomb Kings!
  • Vampire Counts remains the best army book, Orcs and Goblins are the most collected
  • Warriors of Chaos and Skaven are still believed to be the strongest armies, and poor old Wood Elves and Beastmen the still believed to be by far the weakest :-(
  • High Elves is still the most painted, Skaven still the least so (lots of slaves!) Army Selection
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Battlefields (aggregated from Add Battle page)

  • The war is swinging once more in favour of the Forces of Destruction in the eternal war (in the last update the Forces of Order had the upper hand, by some margin)
  • Dwarfs and Orcs and Goblins continue to be the most bitter rivals and have spilled the most of each other's blood on the battlefield. High Elves and Warriors of Chaos are the next bitterest of foes
  • The most enjoyable battles have been fought between Beastmen and Skaven, Dwarfs and Wood Elves and an internecine kindred Orcs and Goblins war - no surprise there :-)
  • The luckiest winners have been Orcs and Goblins vs Daemons, Tomb Kings vs Orcs and Goblins and Daemons vs Lizardmen (Orcs and Goblins seem to rely quite a bit on luck which cuts both ways) Battlefields
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Army Strengths & Weaknesses (from Member's Army Powers polls page)

  • Daemons of Chaos, Dwarfs, Dark Elves, High Elves, Lizardmen and Warriors of Chaos all feature prominently in the top 5 armies across all categories. 
  • Warriors not only have the best combat offence but also the best defence - gulp!
  • I won't go on, please just click the image and check it out... Warhammer Polls
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Member Collections and Opinions (recently added)

  • Also, please check out which army owners collect what, the armies they've painted and which other armies they want, love, loathe and fear... there's some interesting reading. If, for instance, you collect Wood Elves you're likely to have one of the largest collections of other armies. Warhammer Collections
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All images used with the kind permission of their respective owners.
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