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Warhammer Fantasy Army - Enemies

I've added a new section to Sigmar's Warhammer Fantasy Battles ArmiesVs page - Battle Count

The new section shows which armies most regularly face each other on the Fantasy battlefield*.

* The data all comes from the battles added by members and can be filtered by all battles / tournament / friendly and by those supported by a full battle report link or extensive batrep notes (over 1,000 characters).

The numbers provide a few insights into the data being used across the rest of the site and highlights the intensity of the army match ups. Those battles which occur on average 2 times more than you would expect (based on total battles recorded) are rated as "Total War", 1.4 times are rated "Carnage" and 1.2 times are rated "Onslaught".

Currently, Dwarfs vs Warriors of Chaos and High Elves vs Warriors of Chaos are the most common tabletop scraps. Beastmen and Tomb Kings are used the least vs most enemies.

The new matrix also shows the distribution of battle reporters, some armies are a lot better supported by battle reports. Note that if the battle reporter is a particularly good (or under-performing) this could skew the overall numbers, especially with tournaments which are reported a lot less than friendlies (594 battles and 1365 battles respectively).

Hopefully, as we get more members and batreps into the database the numbers will get more and more accurate.

I've said this many times but here I go again... Please feel free to join and contribute to our community database, it's FREE and there are no catches and it's great for keeping a track of your battles !

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Please post any comments or suggestions in the forum thread.

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WFB Best Armies vs Each Other

Images used with respective owner's very kind permission. The Tomb Kings Casket of Souls was painted by, which also supplies some great fantasy tabletop scenery and Myles David of LilLegends painted the Gyrobomber, Myles miniatures has even been featured on GW's official blog no less ! Both painters are great pros, really friendly and available for commission work.

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