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Gameworkshop 2007 Tournament Winners : Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Hi Folks,

Lots of people are interested in which are the most powerful armies in the Warhammer world. So I thought I'd do some scientific research :) to try and find out.

It's not easy to get details I can tell you so I ended up back at good old Gamesworkshop and took a look at the 2007 tournament.

I couldn't find details on all the armies entered although there were 450 people participating.

Anyway, there were 3 heat stages and a grand final stage and here are the results...
(please bear in mind that the winner's skill is also a very big factor here, not just the army fielded !)

The Tournament finals

Overall winner : Lizardman
2nd place : Wood Elf
3rd place : Wood Elf

the heats prior to the final:-

Heat 1
1st place : Wood Elf
2nd place : Dwarf
3rd place : Ogre Kingdoms

Heat 2
1st place : Skaven
2nd place : Orcs & Goblins
3rd place : Wood Elf

Heat 3
1st place: Skaven
2nd place : Skaven
3rd place : Dwarf

So, out of a possible 12 places for all 3 heats and the final the best armies were

Wood Elves (4 places)
Skaven (3 places)
Dwarves (2 places)
Orcs & Goblins, Ogre Kingdoms and Lizardmen (1 place each)

and we should mention that Lizardmen won the tournament as a whole !

So, it would seem that, in general the traditional army types have faired best. This might also be because more people have collected them and/or they have more practice playing those armies. However, it might also mean that tournament players choose those armies because they are the best on the battlefield !

It's probably best to take it with a pinch of salt but it was interesting to find out anyway, I hope you think so too.

I wonder if High Elves will be in amongst the honours in 2008 ?
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