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Poisoned weapons / poison attacks, lethal shot and killing blow

If you're facing an army with high Toughness and you're worried about your troops Strength consider using poisoned weapons, missiles, monsters & mounts. Equally, the lethal shot and killing blow abilities.

These can come as a very nasty shock to any opponent who is expecting to wade straight into your troops with 'high toughness arrogance'

Killing Blow :
Ideal for any multiple wound and/or multiple attack units and characters.

Any unit or character that you expect to survive long enough to make several attacks will benefit from having the killing blow against high toughness and multiple wound enemies.

Magic items which bestow this ability are cheap in points cost, especially for Lords and powerful heros. Combine with other magic items, if possible, to increase their number of attacks and their ward or armour saves. You want Lords and Heroes with this ability to stay alive as long as possible.

Remember that the killing blow rule only works against 'man-sized' enemies which I guess would include everything up to ogres and trolls.

Lethal Shot :
This ability is very rare amonst Warhammer units. In fact, I think that only the Wood Elf army can deploy a lethal shot unit.

Get those units up close to high toughness enemies and watch one or two of them die each turn, with no saves and irrespective of their number of wounds !

Poison Weapons / Poisoned Attacks :
Poison also negates an opponents toughness but is much less effective against armies which use a lot of armour and/or mounted armies like Bretonnians. Never deploy poisoned archers like Southland skinks against mounted enemies unless they have solid hand to hand warriors nearby for protection - they will simply be charged down and rout in the 1st round of combat without having inflicted any kills.

Poison items need to be used against unarmoured or lightly armoured units which have a high toughness. It doesn't matter what your weapon or bow skill is like because you will need 6's to deliver the poison anyway. The best poison using troops are therefore the cheapest ones you can get.

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