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The Best Warhammer Army - 2006 Tournament Analysis

After performing my 2007 tournament analysis and being suprised that Vampire Counts did so badly. I thought I'd go back to 2006 to try and find out why.

I analysed 2006 in more detail and it appears that Vampire Counts might not be quite as bad as we first thought. In 2007 the tournament was scored in Victory Points so, it seems, when a VC army starts to lose it does lose really badly.

However, 2006 was not scored in the same way. So I took the overall standings and the 2006 pts scored (not victory points). And, while the blood suckers did not feature anywhere in the top 10 (their first appearance is 15th)....

Vampire Counts actually have the best average standing of all armies in the 2006 tournament !

Interestingly, however, it seems that Vampire Counts are not tournament winners because when things go badly they get slaughtered (or maybe cannot inflict enough damage themselves, either way, when they lose - they lose BIG).

However, as a whole the blood bank burglars seem to hold their ground reasonably well. They seem to be a "drawing" army, or a minor victory army rather than a decisive victory army but they also seem prone to being massacred ! (so play with care).

The Best of class 2006

  • 2006 saw the usual suspects at the top of the table, Skaven, Bretonnians and Wood Elves. With High Elves getting a mention for nearly being worthy of a mention :)

The Worst of 2006

  • Orcs & Goblins, Ogre Kingdoms and Hordes of Chaos propped up the bottom of the table. Tomb Kings were the best of the worst.

Middle Class Mediocrity

  • Dwarfs, Empire, Lizardmen, Beasts of Chaos and Daemonic Host kept each other company in the lands of mediocrity (although there were 3 Lizardman Armies in the top 10 so they are clearly capable of winning tournaments, but also 2 in the bottom 10 !)

  • Dwarfs were the most consistent performers of those above.

The Overall most consistent...

  • Vampire Counts ! - very suprisingly given how badly they seemed to perform in 2007

All other army types were not fielded enough to be worthy of a meaningful analysis, so I excluded them from my Excel Pivot Tables.
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