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King Louen Leoncoeur Rules and Tactics (Bretonnia Special Characters)

King Louen Leoncoeur a man of great virtues, oh yes. A hard man of steel, you bet. A superb leader for the Bretonnians, without doubt.

Worth 728 points - are you mad ? (not in a 2000 point game !)

King Leoncoeur is an awesome character, you have to admire anyone who can bring any number of grail knight units into battle with him.

He's also a decent exponent of the martial sword arts being able to reroll failed hits and rolls to wound. With regards to magic, well don't waste your time worrying about him, he's virtually impervious to it with his Lion's shield.

The trouble is, he's just a bit too expensive. Granted he also has a 'pet' Hippogryph with 4 strength 5 attacks of Ws 5. Not bad but not good enough for 728 pts in a 2000pt game.

Using a third of your points allocation on a single model was fine in the old days. Normal units couldn't touch them so they could roam the battlefield with impunity (think Mohammed Ali) until they bumped into another 'hard knock' (think Mike Tyson).

This is no longer the case, units can be easily tooled up with heavy great weapons and other magic items specifically for taking on hard characters (even unit champions in some cases). While the King might dispatch a couple of enemy units, what does the rest of your Bretonnians do if he falls ?

True, Gamesworkshop have taken this into account to some extent so that if the King dies his remaining army all become stubborn (a formidable prospect).

All in all though, King Leoncoeur is a very risky option for a small army to take. It's a 'all eggs in one basket' strategy and you could pay the price.

If you do take him, be prepared to be heavily outnumbered and you'd better hope that the knights you can afford to take along will rout the enemy on their charge because, rest assured you will be flanked and charges in the sides and rear.

You have been warned.

Note: he's a must have in a 3000pt battle though :)

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