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Skaven Tactics - Ratling Gun Rules (how brave are your little critters ?)

Ratling guns can be extremely effective at close range (15 inches). They deliver multiple automatic hits at strength 4 with a -2 armour save.

But... They're risky and unpredictable, like a trapped Giant Rat in a cheese factory !

When deciding how many 'rounds' of shots to fire you keep rolling D6's and adding up the results, you can keep going forever if you like until you roll a double (ie the same number as one of the dice results you have already rolled). Then... it could be curtains.

The trick is to keep an eye on the dice. If you roll a 1 or a 2 then rolling another 1 or 2 will only jam the gun, so you may aswell go ahead. Afterall, on the second dice roll there's only a 1/6 chance of something going wrong. Let's face it, 1 hit isn't going to win you any battles so you need to try for more.

Likewise if you roll a 1 and a 2, that's only 3 hits and you still have a chance of getting, say, a 5 or 6 on the next roll. Once again, with a 1 and 2 your next roll, at worst can only jam the gun for a turn and there's only a 33% chance of that happening so go for it.

When it comes to deciding how many shots to try for it comes down to what you are firing at (remember they're automatic hits). If we assume you are firing at an unharmed unit of 20 then it's always worth going for a second roll, even if you get a 6 on your first roll. If the enemy catches up with your clan rat or storm vermin host unit you probably won't be firing again anyway.

Don't try for more than 2 shots at a time though, unless you're in dire straits.

Note: if you're being charged go for enough shots you think you will need to reduce the enemies ranks by 1 (if this will reduce their combat res rank bonus). Or, if the enemy just outnumbers you then try enough shots to reduce their unit stength beneath yours so they don't benefit from the outnumber combat res bonus.

Good luck my nice little yellow incisor nibblers :)

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