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High Elf tactics vs a Dwarf Army (or for Dwarves vs High Elves : what to expect from a High Elf army in a Warhammer Battle !)

The overview...

Dwarves have one of the most impressive defensive lines in the Warhammer world.

High Elves are now one of the most effective attacking strike forces (mainly thanks to the new 2007 Always Strikes First rule and the 'relative value for money' of their special units)

They also have some very handy magical artifacts that are specifically designed to stomp the stunties. Or stop the shorties from levelling the Elves with their deft axe swings.

So, knowing these gems of knowledge how am I going to ensure a decisive victory for my noble elves (I doubt I'll achieve a massacre !) ?

Well first of all I must make sure I play to my army strengths. I usually try to shore up my weaknesses first but I will have the initiative in this fight in both combat and movement.

With that in mind, I will make sure combat is on my terms !

The plan...

I plan to flank my enemy, completely - ie get round the back of their lines.. Dwarf armies are either bunched up to protect their flanks at the cost of losing easy table quarter victory points (which are difficult to recapture with slow movement) Or, more likely, they are spread too thinly trying to protect their whole battle line.

I expect we will be fielding roughly the same number of troops and units (I will have slightly fewer because I will be unleashing my Dragon ! More on that later). So, you'd be right in thinking that my troops might also be spread thinly but it really doesn't matter if they are ! Why ? Because I can easily maneuver them without worrying about a flank charge or losing a table quarter. Dwarfs are just too S L O W

Now, back to Ancalagan the White (my 'mother of all Dragons'). He will probably be a sun dragon with a mage on his back. He doesn't have to be rock hard just tough enough to take out any artillery pieces the enemy brings along which are not protected by slayers ! (Note: he'd be mad not to use a stone thrower for instance, knowing that I will have massed rank and files).

I will also use Ancalagan against any quarrellers the enemy uses, he's more likely to use crossbows than thunderers unless he expects me to field Silver Helms and wants to fire through my armour (armour piercing).

Next up I will be designing a Lord or Hero character to take on his general. I expect him, like all good dwarf armies, to equip his general with lots of runic items and hopefully an Oath Stone.

It might sound like a strange thing to hope for, but I have a specific plan up my sleeve to deal with his general.

My character will have the Cloak of Beards (now that has got to smell !), the Sword of Hoeth and the Armour of Stars. I will strike first, even if he has the ability because my initiative will be higher. All my hits will wound automatically, thus getting round his high toughness and he will lose the use of 1 item inscribed with runes.

This will become extra potent if he is on an oath stone because he will have no alternative but to challenge me and cannot avoid my plan.

Finally, if things do go badly for my general he will be teletransported 3D6 inches away after taking his first unsaved wound (hopefully his weapon does not inflict multiple wounds per hit and he doesn't have the Killing Blow special ability - risks I will just have to take).

Next up comes my chariot. It's important this makes it safely into combat so I will keep it away from missile fire is possible, or wait until my dragon has it his biggest missile / arty threats. If he decides, like a foolish young beard to come at me, I will have to risk using the chariot to stall his advance.

Now the core forces...

  • My Phoenix Guard will act as a cross bow / thunderer missile sponge with it's 4+ ward save. This will protect my 2 units of Swormasters who will form up behind and march forward. When the 3 units are close to the enemy my Phoenix guard will wheel round allowing the sword masters through. The Phoenix guard will be saved as far as possible to flank charge and induce fear. The Phoenix Guard will need to be a large unit 25+ to ensure it outnumbers and gives the possibility of routing a fearful foe charged in the side with no rank bonus. I will not give my Phoenix Guard a standard but will give them a musician. Because I plan to use them as flankers I will not need a standard because no more than 1 standard can be used in any multiple friendly unit engagement. My sword masters will get both standard and musician.

  • White Lions will be deployed with the Phoenix Guard up front as another missile barrier with their 3+ armour save (heavy armour plus Lion Cloak). They will not flank but will endeavour to tie up any Dwarf units moving in from the sides to counter my main thrust at the center. Hopefully their stubborness and a hero leader will mean they fight until the death.

  • The last unit I will use is SilverHelms. I will not use these in the traditional manner to start the battle. These fast movers will be used as (or hopefully, when !) I have made an incision in the enemy battle line. The Silverhelms along with the Dragon (who will be doing his best to avoid all Slayers !) will rear charge engaged Dwarven units.

Must have items...

  • One other must use magical item is the Pendant of Vengeance. This counters the power of the Anvil of Doom (smart beardies always bring their anvils). It will make it half as effective at striking will absolute power (so 1 in 4 chance) and reduce it's normal striking success from 83% to 69%. I will probably give this to the SilverHelm hero who I expect to be last into combat.

The end...

Well that's about it (except for my individual hero details). I know my plans will probably be in tatters by turn 3 but I'm pleased I have worked out an approach. If it goes to plan and you win its so much more pleasing than getting a 'fingers crossed' victory.

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