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A comparison of all Warhammer Armies. All army units, Special Characters, Lords, Heroes, Monsters and Beasts compared to determine which are the strongest per point spent.

I'm embarking on an ambitious project to mathematically compare all of the races, units and characters in the Warhammer World.

The result will be a rating for each individual model that will represent it's 'value for money' (that is, an indication of how well spent your points will be by using that model or those models, in the case of units, within your army)

I will use The Empire forces as my baseline for comparison purposes. The bottom line is that you will be able to ask questions like... 'should I include the repeating bolt thrower, the hero or a unit of 15 archers'

It is not going to be an exact science but will give an indication of which troop types are likely to be best value.

To start with I will probably exclude magic altogether as this, seems to me, to be the most difficult factor to 'value'

Anyway, I have to come up with an algorithm (fancy word for formula) first. Then make sure this base returns an index of 1 for all the Empire troops. Following that I will create a database of all the other races and compare them. An index of greater than 1 will indicate they are better value than Empire troops, less than 1 means worse than.

You will of course be able to use the algorithm to see which troop types in your army are best value. Can't decide between Phoenix Guard, Swordmasters or White Lions ? This will help you with your choice.

Obviously, this will not cater for tactics or the use of multiple units in combat but it should at least be fun to use and serve as an indicator as to which troops you should think about using first.

It's a big project and will take time but I hope to get something ready for the new year.

Keep an eye on my Stats and Analysis thread.

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