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Ogre Gorgers (for winning Warhammer Battles ?)

The great thing about Gorgers is that they're unbreakable and with 4 str 5 attacks, Ws 3 and toughness 5 (!) that makes them very difficult to beat.

They also have a lord / hero killing attribute - Killing Blow. This should be considered rare and very desirable (especially when coupled with 4 str 5 attacks ! Remember no armour or ward saves if you roll a 6 to wound)

The bad thing is that :-

  • 1) They cannot form units & only consist of 1 model and
    2) They are slightly unpredictable which, can be good or bad & not be what you're after.

With regards to points cost Gorgers are 75 pts that's less than Maneaters (90 pts with heavy armour and special weapon) and with a slightly weaker attack profile but that's much better defence profile. The gorger can effectively hold the enemy where you want them and create a lake of blood in the process, even dispatching important enemy characters.

Good and bad, depending on your luck.

Firstly, the gorger cannot be deployed at will, they turn up for a scrap (or dinner) when they want to (turn 2 on a roll of 4+, turn 3 on a roll of 3+ etc but never turn 1).

Not only that, when they do arrive they cannot charge on the turn they show up thus giving the initiative to your enemy. The good thing though is that they can choose the table edge on which they enter the tabletop battlefield.

Consider this though. Your enemy outnumber your enemy in units, they see you have deployed no giant, no maneaters and no Dogs of War. They will therefore expect a Gorger.

In such a situation an enemy will know they have to kill the gorger because it won't run so your enemy will either deploy enough missile troops and/or other unbreakables like cheap swarms near table edges to kill / hold up your beast. If not that then your enemy might simply keep well clear of the table edges and advance forward thus preventing your Gorger from entering combat until it's too late (especially the case for fast moving armies who aren't leaving any artillery at home).

Either way, your Gorger may be accounted for by the enemy before the battle has even begun.

The beauty of this though is that even the threat of fielding a Gorger will change your enemy's plans which will use up points he should be committing to the core combat. Your enemy will hate the thought of a single model causing such potential chaos, he will want it dead... Quickly !

Using a Gorger could well affect your opponent's plans more than the 75 pts it costs you to field one. So, if somehow you can let your opponent know you're bringing a Gorger then pretend to ! Then, when he's made his plans use a Slave Giant or Maneaters instead :) No, I don't really mean that, we're going to play in the spirit of the game !

There's no need to trick your enemy in advance of the game. The key is determining what you could do better with a Slave Giant, Maneaters or Dogs of War.

Now, it's time to decide ehich rare unit to take but first we will need to look at the possible Dogs of War choices..

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