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Tomb King Liche Priest Magic Incantations

Another "in a nutshell" post...

Liches are not quite the same as your standard Warhammer wizard and other spell casters. They use incantations instead of spells, all priests know all 4 incantations, they are automatically cast with a random bound level (2D6 for a Priest and 3D6 for a High Priest). A high priest can cast 2 incantations (even the same one twice) in his (or her) magic phase and a normal lowly priest can cast 1.

Incantations are cast in strict order, decided before the game. this is basically from the lowest Priest to the Highest Priest (ie the Hierophant). (Important note from "Scelerat" one of our blog readers - the casket of souls always comes last which could be important because it is some of the most feared magic and the enemy will usually try to save dispel dice /scrolls to counter it)

Note : I have no idea why you have to do this in the same order every turn but it gets a specific mention in the rules so I guess there's a good reason for it (does anyone know why ?)

Further more (again mysteriously !), there is a specific order for using all magic, it goes like this:-

1st : Non-character bound items
2nd : Icon bearer bound items
3rd : Tomb Princes
4th : Tomb Kings
5th : Hierophant, High Liche Priests and normal Priests

(strange but true, I guess it's something they realise while play testing the game, maybe some cumulative effect that can come from magic used in specific order. Let me know if you find out).

The Incantations

Sekhubi's Incantation of Vengeance

8" D6 str 4 hits (boring !)

Horekhah's Incantation of Righteous Smiting

one of your missile units (within 12") can fire again (once only !) or
one of your combat units (within 12") can fight another round of combat (once only !)
(note: no combat resolution taken but panic test if applicable as normal, ie 25% casualties)

Note: there are lots of ifs and buts in the rules about this incantation, the above is just a summary and tells you most of what you need to know for most occassions. You had best refer to the Army Book for the specific details.

Djedra's Incantation of Summoning

one of your undead units recover D3 wounds (cannot increase wound count above starting wound count for that unit)
Tomb Guard recover D6 wounds

Can be used against all units and characters. You must nominate characters separately to their unit though.

Note: Again there lots of additional bits and pieces in the Army Book so you should refer to it for the details. The above really if for enemy commanders to get an idea about the incantations.

Mankara's Incantation of Urgency

A target unit in your army within 12" can make a normal move (including charges)
note: cannot be cast more than once on a unit per turn.
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