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Warhammer Battle Standards and unit Standard Bearers

Another "in a nutshell" post...

Warhammer Battle Standards

I am of the opinion that all armies should include a Battle Standard, the benefit of the standard when used correctly should not be under-estimated.

The Battle Standard allows a break test re-roll, assuming you want your units to stick around (and you might not always if they're missile troops !) then take a Battle Standard.

What you should do:-

Keep your Battle Standard near the core of your army and near your army's General. This will ensure your key combat troops can re-roll break tests using your general's leadership rather than their own (providing they are within 12" of the general and battle standard). This is a huge benefit and here's an example of why....

A unit with a leadership of 7, on it's own away from the Battle Standard and General which loses a combat resolution by 1 point has a :-

58% chance of routing

The same unit within 12" of the Battle Standard and General (with an unmodified leadership of 9) has a :-

8% chance of routing !

so, do you see what I mean ?!

Warhammer Unit Standards

This is less of a clear choice, certain units should NOT be given unit standards simply because it makes that unit unnecessarily expensive for it's battle field purpose.

Do not give standards to any non-rank and file units (unless they are multiple wound units which increases their unit strength)

Do not give standards to missile units unless they are mounted fast cavalry which you plan to use for missiles and against lightly armed and armoured enemies such as skirmishers (even then, I would not personally use a unit standard)

Important Note: taking standards into battle can be a risky business. If you are totting the points up at the ened of the game to see who wins the enemy will gain Vicotry Points if you lose your standards in battle and they capture them. So DO NOT give standards to weak units.


  • This does not take into account battle standards. Sometimes, it's useful to include a battle standard in a fast cavalry unit (to make the battle standard mobile). Also, it can be worth giving a missile unit a battle standard (to keep it away from close combat) if it has some useful magical property.
  • Some new players are keen to kit out their units with standards and musicians siply to make them look good and to have some different looking models to paint. That's fine, tell your opponent that the unit in question does not in fact carry a standard (even if you want to include it for appearances sake). Note: you cannot do that in official tournaments.
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