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Greasus Goldtooth Overtyrant of the Ogre Kingdoms Army

He's a bit on the chubby side is Mr Greasus ! He's the ultimate binge drinking, 'fast food' :) eating layabout but he sure knows how to swing his sceptre !

There's one stat that really stands out in his profile - a strength of 10. Yep 10 ! Dragons are mere puppy dogs in the presence of Greasus.

However, that's not the only benefit of taking this fella into battle.

Before we go any further I should probably deliver the bad news... You cannot use Greasus in anything lower than a 3000 pt game - he's that big that he takes up 2 Lord choices (I guess he needs a lot of locker space in the changing room).

This leads us to the next problem, if you take Greasus for a 3000 pt game you cannot then take Skrag the Slaughterer and I really do recommend him for large battles because of the extra Gorgers he gives you access to (as special units of 2 Gorgers per unit rather than the single model Gorger rare unit)

All that aside let's say you're dead keen on Greasus and you've got a darned big battle coming up.

Greasus is a true leader and he inspires as much worry in his own units as he does in the enemy's.

If placed well, ie centrally and directly behind his leading units (ie so he has line of sight). Those units will :-

1) Get a combat resolution bonus of +1 and...
2) Automatically rally !

Neat heh ?!

Not only that but plonk him in a unit and they all become immune to psychology.

Greasus hasn't got any weak points, he probably doesn't even know what they are and can't spell 'weak' anyway.

He's good against low leadership armies in particular because he inspires (probably not the right word) stupidity in up to D3 of their units that he can see (no range restrictions)

I suppose his main failing from a fighting perspective is that he will slow down any unit he is with due to his lower move of 4 and is less likely to be able to deliver his extra potent bull charge (D6 hits)

If you love him enough (and I do although I'd never tell him that !) then put him in your army and please...

Let me know what happened.

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