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Selling Warhammer Miniatures or Games Workshop Citadel Figures on eBay

Tips on selling miniatures on eBay.

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Firstly, you should check out my previous post (in this thread) about buying figures, It gives the initial tips that a seller should also know.

Here are the basics:-

  • Choose the right day/time
  • Please (!) list your miniatures correctly (or lose 2/3rds of their going value !)
  • "Sell" them - persuade your buyers to part with their cash. give them accurate and compelling descriptions and concentrate on the good points of the model(s)
  • Do NOT be silly about postage / packaging costs - it puts a lot of people off. Keep it simple and keep it cheap. Buyers appreciate it if you don't try to rip them off with postage. you get more bidders.
  • Be a good seller - deliver promptly, respond to questions/queries asap - buyers like to purchase from the same seller.
  • Don't list loads of unnecessary nonsense. Most buyers just want a picture, a short "attractive" description, cost and postage - not endless reams of conditions
  • set your start date to finish on a Sunday afternoon
  • set your starting price LOW
  • LIST IN THE RIGHT CATEGORY !!!!!! (the biggest waste of money is to list wrongly).
  • Use the buzz Words - If you're selling old figures list them as such. Many of them are collectibles now *

Welll, I hope that helps. Leave a comment here if you're after any more eBay selling details for Warhammer / Citadel miniatures.


Very Old miniatures (20+ years).

Check before you sell. All old RPG type figures are extremely collectible and some go for £30 each. Any such miniatures should be listed with a year, "OOP" which means Out of Production (collectors search on this) and "Vintage" (anything from the 80's)

Try this site to see if you have any old figures (I made £500 by selling about 80 of mine)

Highly Collectible Citadel Figures

In particular any figure listed as a "villager" or "townsfolk" is worth at least £10, I have sold two for £30 each.
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