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Settra The Imperishable and his magic items (Tomb Kings Special Characters)

Settra is a stronger fighter than Queen Khalida.

This is partly due to his impressive profile, ie Ws 7, S5, T5, Attacks 5 and always strikes 1st rule thanks to his Blessed Blade of Ptra.

Not only that but he has an armour save of 2+ that cannot be modified to worse than 4+* and a 4+** ward save, so only 1 in 4 wounding hits will actually hurt him !

The Armour of Golden Magnificence (*)

The Crown of Nehekhara (**)

Other handy attributes:-

His magic weapon can reduce an enemy units Weapon Skill to 1 when they take hits (and can cause extra hits on enemies with low leadership)

He rides in a heavy chariot with scythed wheels (D6 +1 str 5 impact hits before combat begins)

If he dies, nearby units will suffer lots of str 2 hits.

And here's the big one...

Settra the Imperishable is the Army General AND the Army Hierophant, he takes up 2 Lord choices and you cannot take any more liches (but you won't really need to !)

All in all the above makes Settra one of the most powerful and difficult to kill individuals in the Warhammer World but that's not the best bit.

Settra is probably one of the most effective army generals even when you ignore his fighting skills (providing you like to field chariots, heavy cavalry and Tomb Guard - who doesn't ?!)

50% of your army must consist of Tomb Guard, chariots and heavy cavalry if you field Settra but the good news is that he can use 'My will be done' Tomb King special abilitiy on any or all of these units without range restriction and once per turn each.

The enhanced 'Thy Will Be Done' rule makes Settra's army very fast moving (Mankara's Incantation of Urgency - extra movement in Magic phase) and much harder hitting thanks to :-

Horekhah's Incantation of Righteous Smiting extra round of close combat every magic phase.

Settra makes a great addition to a predominantly combat oriented Tomb King army. At marginally over 600 pts he costs a lot but I wouldn't regard this as overly expensive given the powers he brings with him.

Note that because Settra uses 2 Lord choices he cannot be used in battles of less than 3000 pts, that's the only real bummer :(

Settra Photo © Games Workshop Ltd 2008. All rights reserved. Used without permission

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