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Skrag the Slaughterer and a Gorger Ogre Army of 2000 pts

Skrag is a brilliant character and he has awesome special rules.

(click picture to enlarge in new window)

I am contemplating building an Ogre army just because I can have Skrag lead it !
Here are the reasons you should love Skrag and make him your 'signifiant other'

1) Gorger Stampede !

he allows you to field 8, yes 8 (!) Gorgers in a 2000 pt game. You can only usually field 1 Gorger.

Gorgers are rock hard ! See my earlier post on them. In summary they are:- unbreakable, cause fear, have killikng blow and 4 str 5 attacks with 4 wounds and a toughness of 5. These guys fight to the death and there is a lot of that when Gorgers are on the battlefield.

2) Scare the pants off your enemy

Skrag causes Terror. He is going to be in combat a lot so this could come in very handy indeed. Especially when you accompany him with, let's say 5 Gorgers for a unit strength of 26 (6 for Skrag +20 for the Gorgers. I assume they count as monster size, given that they're significantly bigger than Ogres. I'll check this and let you know)

That unit will outnumber most enemies and should win most combats resulting in a lot of scaredy cat foes running from the field of battle.

3) Chosen of the Great Maw = an almost undefeatable unit !

If you work this one right then Skrag and his unit of Gorgers could win a battle for you !

When Skrag kills enemy models (note: not wounds but models) he and his gorgers get cumulative successively greater benefits for the rest of the battle (see my post on The Blessing of the Great Maw)

Once Skrag has killed 15 models he and his unit are uber awesome fighters, they all get +1 attack, re-roll failed hits, Skrag becomes unbreakable and his Gorgers get regeneration.

This would mean that Skrag and 5 Gorgers in the front rank could have a combined 32 strength 5 killing blow attacks !!! (re-rolling missed hits). That should amount to about 14 dead - toughness 4, weapon skill 4 enemies - in 1 round :)

4) He's a Slaughtermaster

Also, we shouldn't forget that Skrag has access to all the Gut Magic spells. This may mean you cast...


on your own Gorger unit and make them all toughness 6 ! Lol.

Skragg, take him and build your whole army around him. Awesome value for 400 pts.

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