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Games Workshop New Releases for 2008 Warhammer Fantasy and 40k "planned" (strong rumours - to be confirmed)

This is a list of the planned releases for this year. This info has been gleaned from several sources and was taken from librarium-online (Jared Van Kell)

March - Vampire counts will be getting an entirely new range of models including a large number of plastic models.

June - Mordor book for Lord of the Rings. New releases include a new plastic troll, Morgul Knights, Black Numenoreans and possibly a new orc sprue to replace the current one.

July - New 40K rule book. There has been some hot debated about this topic with the rules

July/August - Chapter approved article for Hordes of Chaos. This should include several points revisions and give an indication for the points costs in the new book later on this year.

August - Dark Elves army book. Several rumours regarding this include Witch Elves never loosing their frenzy. The army will get hatred against all enemies and Eternal Hatred against High Elves.

September - New Battle for Macragge boxed set. Basically pretty much th e same as it is now except it will take into account the new rules.

October - New Space Marines Codex. This will bring the points cost in the Spacemarine codex in line with the Dark Angels and the Blood Angels.

November - Hordes of Chaos army book. Expect plastic chaos knights, a new chaos warrior sprue with all the weapons options, a plastic chaos chariot and some plastic character sets.

December- Planetstrike rule book released. This is not confirmed yet but it fits in with what I have been hearing.

A busy year for fantasy battle with vampire counts, Daemons of Chaos, Hordes of Chaos and Dark Elves all getting a revision. For 40K - new rules and the new spacemarine codex !

Many thanks to Jared Van Kell (librarium-online) who fleshed out the details from other sites.
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