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How to Win a Battle with Dark Elves (Dark Elf Tactica / Tactics)

Dark Elves are allegedly one of the easiest Warhammer armies to beat.

So over the next few days I have decided to turn my attention towards them (as promised).

The Attack Plan

First we will look at all the individual units and special rules to determine the Army's strengths and weaknesses. Next I will come up with some army selection advice and some tactics you can use to turn the tide of Battle in your direction.

A brief overview of Dark Elves

Dark Elves have become the 'I would like to fight them' army. Their army book is somewhat dated now and other races have the edge on them in unit choices and special army rules.

Dark Elves suffer like all Elves from low toughness. Unlike Wood Elves with their exceptional ambush abilities and bowfire and the new High Elves with their Speed of Asuryan (always strike first) Dark Elves do not have any killer special rules to help counter their low toughness weakness.

The only army wide special rule the Dark Elves Army has is their hate (re-roll missed hits in 1st combat round) for High Elves.

Also, the points cost of Dark Elves in a bit unforgiving in some intances. Take for example a comparison with the High Elves Ellyrion Revears and the Dark Riders core unit. Both units share the same profiles and yet Dark Riders cost an additional 1 point despite the Ellyrion Reavers having the always strikes first rule.

I have noticed similar comparisons with other units which I will detail later.

The good news is that a new Dark Elves Army book is scheduled for release in 2008. If you cannot wait and want some tactical help with the current rules then keep checking back over the next couple of weeks in the Dark Elves thread on this forum.

For now, may the Witch King be with you.

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