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Dwarfs vs High Elves 2000 points - Tactics

I have begun unit selection and tactial preparations for an almighty 2000 pt tussle
with the bearded stunty ones.

I will be fielding High Elves again, although I will soon be switching allegeance to Vampire Counts once I have finished assembling the models and added a battalion set.

It has been quite sometime since I faced off against Dwafs on the battlefield and I feel at a bit of a loss as to what approach I should take. The army selection for my last combat against Wood Elves almost decided itself because I had a reasonably good idea of their likely tactics.

This time around it's not so easy. Will the Dwarfs create a castle ramparts type defence, really strongly gun lines with several war machines or which they even come for me ?

I have been reviewing the Dwarf Army book and I'm frankly worried by the power of my enemy's runic weapons. I'm keen to adopt an aggressive stance and take the initiative in the fight but how ?

Artillery is also a clear threat so I'm thinking about oneor more flyers to counter this - although I'm still very undecided.

Magic is another unnkown to me. From what I have read so far the Dwarf magic defence is excellent so I'm not sure if the standard magic approach will be effective enough.

It's pleasing to see some Dwarf specific magic items in the High Elves rulebook, especially the one making the anvil of doom less likely to work.

Hmmm... A lot to think of ahead of this fight.

Here's a discussion thread in the forum Dwarfs vs High Elves 2000pts

I warmly welcome any advice. Please post here or in my High Elves forum thread if you've got any tips you think might assist my planning.

Thanks for your help,

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