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Warhammer Fantasy Battle Poll Results - which armies people were most and least confident of beating, the most important profile characteristic

Polls ended : 17-March-2008

which armies would you be most confident about beating ? (select 4)

65 (44%) Dark Elves
57 (39%) Orcs & Goblins
49 (33%) Dogs of War
42 (28%) Ogre Kingdoms
39 (26%) The Empire
35 (23%) Beasts of Chaos
31 (21%) Skaven
25 (17%) Dwarfs
25 (17%) Hordes of Chaos
23 (15%) High Elves
23 (15%) Lizardmen
22 (15%) Wood Elves
16 (10%) Bretonnia
15 (10%) Tomb Kings
10 (6%) Vampire Counts

It seems that the Army Book update for Dark Elves could be well overdue. 44% of all polsters were least concerned about beating them. I wonder if the same is true with Orcs and Goblins or it's just that people are more accustomed to playing against them (there are a lot of O&G armies out there but not so many Dark Elf ones in my experience).

which armies are you least confident about beating ? (select 4)

52 (35%) Bretonnia
51 (35%) Vampire Counts
43 (29%) High Elves
42 (28%) Dwarfs
35 (24%) Hordes of Chaos
33 (22%) Lizardmen
33 (22%) Wood Elves
29 (20%) Skaven
25 (17%) Tomb Kings
19 (13%) The Empire
18 (12%) Ogre Kingdoms
13 (8%) Orcs & Goblins
8 (5%) Beasts of Chaos
8 (5%) Dark Elves
2 (1%) Dogs of War

It seems Brets remain the army people are most concerned about on the Battlefield. I suspect this is down to the massed cavalry charges which are difficult to survive and then counter.

Vampire Counts look like they're frightening a few enemies too. I suspect this is the release of the new book, surrounding "fear factor" hype and the lack of experience that commanders have fighting against the Vampires. I suspect High Elves are near the top for similar reasons and their always strike first (Asuryan skill).

which is the single most important profile stat in the game ?

T 55 (32%)
Ldr 37 (21%)
M 29 (16%)
S 22 (12%)
A 10 (5%)
W 9 (5%)
Ws 8 (4%)
Bs 1 (0%)
I 0 (0%)

Clearly, people think toughness is the overridingly important characteristic. Leadership and movement came 2nd and 3rd. Maybe then we should all emphasize the use of fast moving tough units with a good leadership in our armies.

Would you buy models from the eBay adverts on this site ?

If I really liked an auction 33 (62%)
no never 11 (20%)
of course 7 (13%)
I already have ! 2 (3%)

I put this one up for my own benefit and was pleased to see some people have already found this site useful for eBay Warhammer buying.

Thanks to everyone who participated.
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