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High Elves vs Wood Elves (2000 pts) Battle Report Summary - the Finale'

Tyrion was now alone with no Dragon Prince body guard...

The last surviving noble could not match Malhandir's speed so Tyrion charged on his own, a blinding star through the mirky forest and smashed into the awaiting Wardancer troupe (his noble friend would join the melee in the following turn).

The wardancers were well prepared for the onslaught for their leader bore the amber pendant which tarried Tyrion's sword arm allowing the Wardancers to strike first with lightning speed.

The whirl of the Wardancer's blades was a fearful sight to behold but Tyrion was unmoved and struck down two dancers with his reposte.

The Wardancers were a mere distraction for Tyrion, his eyes rested beyond them to the lumbering hulks of three Treekin smashing through the forest to his flank and the mighty Treeman approaching with giant strides behind the Wardancers.

Would this be Tyrion's final folly, would the minstrels tell sorrowful tales of woe in the great halls of Ulthuan ?

The treekin smashed into Tyrion's flank with bestial fury. Branches and roots were raised aloft to thrash mighty blows down on Tyrion.. With god like speed of mind and body Tyrion brought Sunfang down on the first Treekin and split the walking abberration of nature in two. The charred and burning remains of the Treekin littered the Forest floor.

The treekin's companions now struck, reigning powerful blows down upon Tyrion. Had it not been for his legendary armour and divine blessing Tyrion would have been crushed under the onslaught.

In that moment when hope was waning, Felion the noble friend arrived and engaged the Treekin with spite for his fallen Dragon Prince comrades. Alas, Felion proved no match for the Treekin and was brushed aside within a brief moment. He had at least diverted some of the enemy's wrath away from his Lord.

With his dying breath, Felion let out a yell as the forest parted and a mighty and huge age old enemy and keeper of the forests bore down on Tyrion. The Treeman had arrived and now, all hope seemed lost.

Tyrion desperately fought off the malaise of the amber pendant to which he was subjected but to no avail - the Wardancers struck first. With a keen eye for a kill, the wardancer leader lunged in a flash at the High Elf general. The blade slid neatly between Tyrion's magical helm and his gleaming platemail. The blade ran along Tyrion's jugular but Tyrion's fate was his ward. The gods had other things in mind for this lord and it was not to have his life cut short my the lucky thrust of a ragged forest dweller.

With a profound sense of self awareness Tyrion and all those about him realised that he could not be vanquished this day. With an agonising, unstoppable strength the Treeman was felled and erupted in flames under the irrepresible power of Sunfang. The remaining Treekin suffered similarly and in dismay the wardancers fled back into the forest only to be trampled down to the last by Malhandir's hooves.

With dread in their hearts and unspeakable sorrow the Wood Elves melted back into the forests.

After the battle not a single Wood Elf body was found. They had even retrieved the hulks of the fallen treeman and treekin. Only a note on a forest way stone remained...

"you're not barbequeing your Ulthuan cheese bugers with our Treeman charcoal !"

The End

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