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New Lizardmen Army book rumours

Lizardmen Army book rumours

Latest rumour Lizardmen army book is printed and release for the armybook is late march 2009. Army models to follow 2nd week of April.

For units: They get +1 A on the turn they charge.
For Characters: Frenzy (still have to take test for Stupidity)

Xthol: 5+ ward, in addition, If: For units: they use this mark during the battle phase, then they can choose only one Save “Scaly skin or this” For characters: If they cannot save a wound, then the unit that attacks the character with this mark take S4 hit on a D6 Limited to; Saurus Warriors, Temple guards, Skinks (skirmesher/cohorts) and Saurus Calvary.

Tlazcotl: this you take this mark: Units: Immune to Psychology (still suffer from stupidity and frenzy)
Characters: Immune to Psychology (doesn’t suffer stupidity or frenzy) and are consider stubborn in battle
Limited to: Saururs Warriors, Skinks(Cohorts/Calvary only), Temple Guards, Kroxigors, and Saurus Calvary.

Tzunki: +1 I in addition, If: For units: They become aquatic and doesn’t suffer any penelty for walking on water. For characters: They become aquatic and have First strike rules (possible, not sure.)
Limited to; Saurus Warriors, Temple guards, Skinks (skirmesher), and Kroxigors.

Huanchi: +1 WS Limited to; Saurus Warriors, Temple guards, Skinks (skirmesher/cohorts), Saurus Calvary, and Kroxigors. Note: you cannot take up the same blessed mark in the same unit.

Ruling of how blessed mark is taken: Not all units can they up to two, for some they can up to one (i.e Saurus Calvary) while other can take up to three (unknown). If they take one, they stay as core/special. If they take up two, they move to special/rare.

Lore of the Old ones is coming back.

Special Characters:
Venerable Lord Kroak
Tehenhauin, Prophet of Sotek
Geomancer Lord Mazdamundi
Nakai, the Wanderer

Oxayotl, Firstspawned Stalker
Ten-Zlati, Herald of Kroak (bought as upgrade for Kroak)
A Skink on a special HornedOne.
Lotl Botl (tough champion upgrade)
New Skink hero, blessed of Tlazcotl, with a special mirror (?)
New (intelligent) Saurus hero, blessed by Tepok, wears the skin of a feathered serpent.

ARMY WIDE Jungle Fighter: All models move through jungle, woods, and forest as open ground and do not suffer any penalty. (Excluding Mounts)

*Temple Guard: The 0-1 choice per Slaan will be gone, though you won’t be able to bring an entire army of them…maybe 1 per 1 Saurus unit? Also can have upgrade (or come with it?) that all their Attacks count as Magical!

*Terradons: Cheaper, still Unit Strength 1, 2 Spawnings available to them (Quetzel/Sotek).

*Saurus Warriors: 2 pts cheaper, Magical Banner for 1 unit if you’re lead by Saurus Old Blood (as general), one of the Spawnings is changing-move through Difficult/Woods as if it were open.

*Saurus Cav: 4 pts cheaper, can take one Spawning only, limited to Quetzel, Sotek, and 2 others…

*Temple guards will be cheaper by 2 points, plastic instead of metel, going back to being special (With slann on the field CORE). Better options (blessed mark, carry great weapon, light armour) and still able to carry magic banner

*Skink will have th option of cohorts or skrimisher, will have “hate skeven”, able to mount on horn ones once again(in that case, they will have light armour and sheild). carry blessed mark (yay!) and will have the option of kroxigor/skinks skirmisher as a unit

*Skink preist and Skink Chief will have the option of blessed mark (including Itzl), have the option on mounts (terradon, horn ones, or cold ones) Not bad so far! There’s more.

*Predetory fighter will change into what might give the saurus warriors the advantage in combat. Something to do with stubbornness (I’ll get more info later on)

*Kroxigors will or might get light armour

*Arcanodaon will become a real model

*Snakemen will be introduce as archer with poison attack and are not slow in terrain.

Thanks to for this rumour update.
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