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New Lizardmen Warhammer Army Rumours - Feb 2009 Release

Lizardmen army book rumours

Expected Release date : February 9th 2009.

Blessed Spawnings
New spawnings : limitations / restrictions / allowances currently unknown.

Spawning of Huanchi:

+1 WS and move through cover with no penalty

Other spawnings (no details) Spawning of Sotek, Spawning of Chotec, Spawning of Quetzl, Spawning of Tlazcotl, Spawning of Tepok, Spawning of Tzunki

Army-wide special rule - Cold-blooded

Rumour: Lizardmen roll the same number of dice as everyone else for Ld tests (i.e. 2), but any double counts as Insane Courage and will be an auto-pass regardless of any other factors (modifiers, outnumbered by Fear, etc.).

Lore of the Old Ones

- Slanns only
- spells all of the high cost / high effect type

Magic items

Charm of the Jaguar Warrior is dropped

Lizardmen Lord Characters


- speculated to get a spell lore of their own

Saurus Oldblood

- may be mounted on a Stegadon

Lizardmen Heroes

Saurus Scar-Veteran

- may be mounted on a Stegadon

Skink Chief

- may be mounted on a Stegadon

Skink Priest

- may be mounted on an Engine of the Gods

Character mounts

Engine of the Gods (Skink Priest only)

- possibly like the Stegadon in Lustria supplement with a war machine-like weapon on top
- takes up an additional Hero choice


- possibility that character may ride a Stegadon
- takes up an additional Hero choice

Core Lizardmen Units

Skink Fast Cavalry ?

a lot of speculation re skink fast cavalry but nothing confirmed

Saurus Warriors

- 2 pts cheaper
- scaly skin save is rumoured to be going back to 5+

Skink Skirmishers

- can get Spawnings

Temple Guard

- cheaper
- can get Spawnings

Special Lizardmen Units

Saurus Cavalry

- 4 pts cheaper
- can get Spawnings


- new set of metal models
- get light armour in addition to their scaly skin
- can get Spawnings


- new plastic model
- moved from Rare to Special !!!


- new metal models

Salamander Hunting Packs

- moved from Rare to Special
- now use the breath weapon template instead of the artillery dice
- stats of the attack not known
- not known whether you can still form units of more than one pack (having a monsters and handlers unit with multiple monsters is a bit tricky ruleswise) or if you might, say, get 1-2 independant packs per Special unit

Rare Lizardmen Units

Ancient Stegadon

- somewhat altered stats compared to the regular Steggy
- has a different weapon than the bolt thrower the normal Steggy has

Barbed Razordon Hunting Party

- a new kind of dinosaur unit, also herded by skinks
- fires spikes that has a number of shots equal to the roll on an artillery dice, that roll to his using BS 4, not known if it ingores any of the normal to-hit modifiers
- when standing and shooting it gets two artillery dice worth of shots

Lizardmen Army Special characters

Lord Kroak (Slann)

Kroq-Gar (Saurus Lord)

Nakai the Wanderer (possibly Kroxigor character)

Tenehauin (Skink Lord/Hero)

Tiktaq'To, Master of Skies (possibly Skink on Terradon?)

Chakax, Eternity Warden (possibly Saurus Temple Guard)

2 more unknown characters.

Warhammer Lizardmen rule rumours (unconfirmed)

- Spawnings becoming more widespread and available to more units (like in the Sacred Spawning variant lists)
- Ranked Skink units (like in the Lustria book) and possibly with Kroxigors added (like in 5th edition)
- Skink Horned One Riders (like in the Lustria book)
- a separate Lore for Slann
- more mount options for Skink characters (like in 5th edition)

New Lizardmen miniatures / models:

- plastic Temple Guard, 10 per box, £12 / $25
- plastic Stegadon, 1 per box with options for all three variants, $40
- metal Kroxigor, 1 model per blister, $20
- metal Terradons, 1 model per blister, $17
- Barbed Razordon Hunting Party $25
- Scar Veteran wity army standard $15
- Tiktaq'To, Master of Skies $17
- Chakax, Eternity Warden $15

source : warseer
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