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Dogs of War Warhammer Army pdf released (NEW)

Cry Havoc ! A new FREE unofficial Fantasy Battle Army book pdf - The Dogs of War

This book is a collaboration between Mathias Eliasson, Bill J. Wilson and Mathew Weiss (Mathias [M4cR1II3n] and Bill [BilboBaggins] are both highly valued members of the Battle Reporter Forum).

I'm very pleased to have been given the opportunity to share this army book review with you which is, frankly, the dogs boll.. (err...) proverbial bits !

The army book is fully compliant with 8th edition rules !

Doggy Facts
Size: 64.9 MB, 99 Pages (!) & Free to view and download

I have added the army book to the:-
Battle Reporter forum army projects*

* (where you'll also find 10 other unofficial Warhammer Fantasy Battle Armies).
Please post some feedback in the forum for the army designers.

Here's a brief summary:-

Loads and loads of background (40 pages) covering the history, the land and principalities of Tilea and the Age of Exploration, loads of short stories and a 30 page Bestiary including :-

7 Special and standard Lord level characters
7 Special and standard Hero level characters
6 Core Units
6 Special Units and
5 Rare Units

and about 50 magic weapons, armour, enchanted and arcane items and of course banners.

Most of the older Warhammer players will be familiar with many of the units, such as the halfling hotpot, pikemen, the paymaster and others but some unfamiliar units also make it into the list such as Stradiots (mounted crossbowmen), Cavaliers (basically Bretonnians after a quick buck), and Espringals (small cheap bolt thrower-type skirmish units).

Now here's something new...

The War Academy

...a great new concept that allows you to select veteran type abilities to bestow on your characters (similar to the Gifts of Chaos but actually a lot more fun !)

There are 22 abilities you can allocate, they cover:-

Veteran abilities, such as The Grizzled Warrior ability which forces your enemy to reroll their first successful "to Wound" against that character or Hawk Eye gives the character the 8th edition Sniper rule.

Intrigue qualities, such as Spies, Master of Intrigue, False Orders and Propaganda which generally mess with the enemy's best made plans.

Leadership attributes which generally inspire your troops onto greater deeds.

Strategies like Sapper, allowing entrenched infantry and war machines, Forward March giving you a free move, Rapid Deployment, Cunning (allowing you to redeploy a unit !) and the very sneaky Prepared Battlefield which acts a bit like an improvised explosive device !

The final category is Arcane which obviously benefits your wizards and spellcasters.

The War Academy concepts are brilliantly inspired. Check them out.

If you have a load of different army miniatures and you fancy pulling them all together (Ogres, Dwarfs, Humans, Elves, Giants and even Halflings !) then this could be the army book for you.

Some of the other great army books on the forum, just click the image

All of the above armies are unofficial and none of them are endorsed by Games Workshop
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