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Warhammer vs THE AUDITORS !

I thought I was about to be "de-souled" by some wanton Daemon auditor from the realms of Chaos.

By Sigmar it was a close call but the gods have fanoured me and I emerge almost unscathed from my 4 weeks of working hell. I now clearly see the Ulthuan light through the haze of the foul, debilitating auditor energies.

If you're a regular visitor wondering what's happened to my previously oft updated blogs then worry no more for I have returned to Warhammer blogging heaven. I have almost slain three projects and have fended off the dreaded auditors, at least for now. What I'm trying to say is... I didn't have a good month in the office (or working at home at the weekend !) but now I'm back - something had to give and I thought it wise to postpone my blogging rather than my source of gold crowns :)

I have a few blogging plans over the next few weeks:-

  • First and foremost is to bring this blog up-to-date with all the latest Warhammer and Games Workshop news which is probably actually now "olds".
  • Secondly, I'd like to share a summary of a great battle that I managed to squeeze in a couple of weeks ago (my 1st 8th edition battle). Great for Chaos, not so good for the High Elves. Although, I will be telling you about the best High Elf unit magic items combo I have ever seen in combat.
  • I'm going to start posting on the Warhammer Fantasy Gallery (I have quite a few weird and wonderful modeling projects and miniatures that I stumbled across some time ago to share).
  • 8th edition WFB reports !!!
  • And last but not least, the Nauticans. I hear them gurgling of their underwater cries for an 8th edition army book update :)  They shall get it !
Thanks for visiting folks and sorry I had to put the blogging to one side while I battled the auditors and other daemonic monstrosities at work.

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